Cowpie Country Show

Cowpie Country Show Poster 2014

Let me start by saying that I am so excited about exhibiting at Cowpie Country Show that I am pinging off every hard surface in our house.

This is the first big event that I am taking part in and I am so glad to have my lovely friend person Lucy, from Lucy Made Me, sharing with me….AND HOW GOOD ARE HER COMPUTER POSTER MAKING SKILLS?! She literally rocks my kasbah.

We met at a dire dire fair over the Christmas period, that during a major bitchfest about how we were never EVER doing this fair again, we suddenly clocked how good our stuff would look together and decided to bite the bullet and apply for some bigger events.

I just fell in love with some of her creations and I can’t wait to pop my Bunnies and Foxies side by side with some of her gorgeous cushions.

Lucy made me at Gorgeous Gerties

She also makes THE cutest rosettes and door plaques, which I honestly adore.

Boys rosette trains Lucy made Me

And if you aren’t swayed by that….she also makes, among other wonderous things…Winnie the Pooh and Alice in Wonderland wooden hearts from ACTUAL books. Be still my beating heart.

Lucy Made Me winnie the Pooh heart

So if you are in the South East and are after a day out with the family, Cowpie looks like it is going to be a corker. There is a parachuting display team, sheepdog trials, a family dog show, a birds of prey and falconery show, animals, a food marquee (where another of my lovely friends Honeycomb Cakes will be! Nom nom nom!) and loads of other fun things….don’t believe me? Go and see their website pronto!

We would love to see you there!




5 ways with Fir Cones

5 ways to use fir cones pine cones

I can’t help but pick up these little nuggets of nature on every walk with Chekhov and I love using them around our home. Free stuff is awesome don’t you know.


These babies are great for starting a flicker in the grate. They burn really well once dried out and look so much nicer in a basket by the fireplace than a box of firelighters…..and they are free!

Home Decor

You can’t write pine cones into Pinterest without seeing a MILLION ways to use these beauties in your home. I particularly like displaying them in a simple bowl or placed on the matlepiece. You could even spray them for Christmas! I have about 12 big ones in my christmas decorations box which take up position on my mantel every year with baubles and bead gardlands….and glittery stags….you know… the rustic decorations….

Fir-cone-candlesClick image for source

In your flower beds

Rather than using expensive bark to mulch your plants, use collected fir cones. Yeah….it might take you a while….so try to fill a section at a time. I also pop one or two in with my chooks to keep them interested and so they can eat all the bugs!

As place settings

Puhlease….. how cute is this?!

howto5_br_30sep09_bclick image for source

A bit of spray glitter glue and I’m anyones!

Bird feeders

These always look gorgeous hanging in the garden and they attract gorgeous birdies to your garden too. I use this tutorial from Dragonfly Blue.

Are you a fir cone freak too? What do you use yours for?



Thrifty Find: Upcycled Wine Box (part 2)

Thrifty Find header wooden wine box upcycle part 2

So after popping one of these beauties in our bedroom, I decided that our kitchen needed some wine box love too.

I love being able to raise up some of the things we keep on the worktop so we have a little more space. I would have loved to have used one for all my cookbooks but I just couldn’t make the space for them at the moment!

Apologies for my obvious tea problem….

wpid-signoff2013.pngThrifty finds link


What I Wore: A bunch of flowers

What I Wore bannerbright floral midi dress boohoo

Being a lanky bird with a long body and legs, I find dresses particularly difficult to find. The cute short ones that I crave, and torture myself with by trying on, show lady parts….and I am not that sort of girl….or at least that one summer I was has past….

I discovered these comfy jersey midi length frocks on Boohoo last year and I ordered a heap for a batch of upcoming weddings I had that summer… this one. They feel like I’m wearing a big t-shirt and they are perfect for what I like to call the ‘home dog out dash’, where I race in from work, do an hour dog walk and then throw on an outfit before heading out to dinner. These seem to be happening g a lot recently…but hey…I’m not having to cook so who is complaining?

I love the bright floral of this frock…I know….florals in spring…how original…but I just can’t help it!

What is your go-to throw on outfit?


What I Wore link




Repurposing is my favourite!

If you haven’t noticed from reading this blog, I have a slight issue with throwing things away that could be used again….in fact I actively hunt things down that could be used in a different way.

All my kitchen utensils are in a massive Panttone tin, all my wrapping paper lives in a cat basket and all those plastic punnets that mushrooms and veggies come in from the supermarket? Hello flower pots!

I was particularly pleased this week with the kitchen condiment holder that I repurposed from a wooden box I was bought around 6 years ago to grow herbs in. Now I have a garden, my herbs are allowed to free-range, leaving this rather lovely box without a purpose…

Kitchen garden repurposed condiment holder (1)

We like to sprinkle a little something on our plates…P in particular, goes mad for chilli flakes on EVERYTHING!

Kitchen garden repurposed condiment holder (2)Do you like our rabbit salt and pepper grinders? You can just see their little ears poking out!

This also holds coasters and could even hold napkins, if like me you can’t bear to get grease on your hands. It also ensures that little condiment spills stay off our nice table.

Do you have something similar on your table?



Thrifty Find: Upcycled Wine Box (part 1)

Thrifty Find header wine box upcycle wooden 1 (1)

I am very lucky to have a wonderful colleague whose husband deals in wine. He has stacks and stacks of these wooden crates that he is only too happy to get rid of for free. I recently was given 3 lovely new crates. One is being saved for my craft stall, as I find they are lovely to use for displays.

wine box upcycle wooden 1 (2)

I decided that this one need to be repurposed as a mini set of shelves for the few books on rotation, that I keep in our bedroom. Cute right?

wine box upcycle wooden 1 (3)You could also put some felt on the bottom and use them as under the sofa boxes.

If I had my way ALL my shelving would be made of wine crates. I think they are gorgeous!

Whaddaya think?

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Currently….. in March

Spring time currently

Obsessing over: New tattoo ideas. I have a few spinning around for my lower calf and I can’t seem to shake them! I am loving the idea of craft based tattoo, seeing as I spend most of my time holding a needle and scissors. There are some marvellous ones on pinterest that have had me wishing I could draw and design my own.  The problem is that once I have an obsession, I can very rarely shake it….

Working on: A whole heap of orders from wonderful buyers. I am so grateful to every single person who buys from me as they put me a step closer to my dream of running this as a full time venture.

Thinking about: how to cram more quilting into my already busy schedule. I am seriously enjoying piecing this beauty together. I have even got my cousin-in-law making hexies for her very own quilt, as well as some of the kids at work creating patchwork pillowshams.

heaxgon quilt update

Watching:  Grimm. Is anybody else completely obsessed with this show? I think the fact that one of the guys who makes it also made Buffy and Angel helps feed my need for fantastical monsters. Also it helps that I have read most of the traditional fairy tales that are quoted at the beginning of each episode. I am only at the end of Season 2, and I NEED to get my hooks into season 3.

Listening to: a lot of country music! I’m really enjoying Nashville and the soundtrack that goes along with it. I’ve been dialling into some Johnny Cash ad Dolly Parton too, but would love some other suggestions from country fans!

Eating: Rice Krispie cakes. Is there honestly anything better? Nope!

Hope you are all having a fantabulous March!