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Sunday Saviours #11

This week I discovered Twitter….and despite my misgivings, I’m actually quite enjoying it! You can follow me by clicking the button in my sidebar or finding me @shinypigeon.

Here are this weeks Sunday Saviours.

Very Cherry

Glamour tweeted about this dress earlier in the week. It might just be perfect for Wedding 4 or 4 1/2!

Born with it

GQ has produced an article about women being able to choose sperm donors on their ‘dress sense’? Opinions? Thoughts? Weird.

Kidson Birds

The glorious Cath Kidson has done it again. I WANT!


The fab LaurenAlice facebooked these to our mutual bestie who is going dress shopping this weekend (with Miss Lauren Alice, our other bestests and myself). I love these dresses. Perfect for several occasions!

How to be a Woman

A little video of Catilin Moran, promoting her book, ‘How to be a Woman’. Made me titter a touch, so it’s going on my to read list.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

How M&M World lost business

For P’s actual birthday day last Wednesday ( and that’s a lot of day in one sentence), we hopped on a slightly grubby South-East train and journeyed up to London town.

The main idea was to take him to We Will Rock You. A musical I have seen now 4 times, and P hadn’t seen at all. I secretly also bought tickets for his brother and his wife-to-be, who would be meeting us outside the theatre at 7.

After buying the tickets in Leciester Square, ensuring I’d sent P off to other things, we spotted the brand new M&M World, situated on the corner of the Square.

‘Fancy it?’ Asked P. And fancy it I did!

As those who have read recently will know, P went to San Francisco. What you may not know is that he brought me back a lot of US goodies, primarily Pop Tarts, Reeses Cups and the largest bag of Peanut M&M’s I have ever seen. I could actually fit my head in the bag.

P was quite disappointed to realise that he hadn’t bought me the Peanut Butter M&M’s. My love of things Peanut Butter and Chocolate are well documented (see here), so upon entering M&M World, we nodded and began scouring the shop for that elusive Peanut Butter filling.

4 floors of M&M’s. M&M keyrings, money-boxes, soft toys, clothing, bedding, unbrellas. You name it, they’ve covered it in M&M’s and are selling it at Disney store prices.

They had plenty of places to stop and take piccies. Life-size M&M’s towered over children and small tourists.

There was even a full size replica of a London bus. INSIDE THE SHOP.

As you can see from P’s face…4 levels of fun is far too many.

The main draw to M&M World is the vats of pick & mix M&M’s. These are so overpriced, it’s a touch criminal.

Though they do look pretty.

As soon as we got close enough, we were lassoed by a very smiley M&M worker, asking if we wanted to buy.

We had so far trudged through the whole store on the search for Peanut Butter M&M’s, to no avail. We asked if they had any at all.

‘Oh no, we don’t have any Peanut Butter flavour!’ she replied, overly chipper. ‘Would you like to try some Peanut instead?’

As if that is the same thing?!

We left the sparkley and slightly strange land of M&M’s, without purchasing, and headed for a steakhouse. They do what they say on the tin.

With the lack of Peanut Butter M&M’s in mind. I would like to request a name change…. to M&M Land. They may have all the M&M’s in the land, but they don’t have all the M&M’s in the world….and I’m still without Peanut Butter flavour. :(

Never a truer statment made.

I have managed to curb my swearing, after my stint as a Primary School Teaching Assistant, but sometimes you just need to use an expletive.

Blog Makeover!

As you may have noticed I’m really knuckling down with sorting the blog out. I’ve even designed a new button so that I might be able to advertise on other blogs.
What do you think?

Now if only I can work out how to do links with piccies in my widget space so I could return the favour! Next job!

New Name…..Same old Pigeon

It has been brought to my attention that my little old blog name, ‘Musings of a Live-In Girlfriend’ was a tad short-sighted. As much as I am still a Live-In Girlfriend (and am not expecting any change soon…unless P is secretly moving out one item at a time without me noticing!) I hope to keep tap tap tapping away at this blog for many, many years and I should really have a blog name that will weather all storms.

So welcome to the newly named…Musing from the Pigeon’s Nest.

New name…same old Pigeon. And that, my friends, is a guarantee.

So what do you think?

Windswept and Interesting....

Pootling on a Monday

It’s the summer holidays and to give my mother a break, I have my youngest two siblings here, at the Pigeon Nest for a week.

This is what we did today. P was at work, so all piccies are done on my less than perfect point and shoot…please forgive!

A yummy lunch with homemade jam tarts.

Apple squash is delish.

Baking with P’s Mumma.

Foraging at P’s Mumma’s allotment.

Our spoils.

After a full day of baking, digging, play-park playing, getting stuck in traffic and general merriment, a game of Rummikub before baths and bed.

Sunday Saviours #10

First and foremost, I’d to apologise for my absence this week! P has turned 26, I have finished work for the summer holidays,  and things have been a bit crazy here. Just a little run down of our week, so you know what to expect in up coming posts!

Tuesday – I was back to work after I spent the day hugging the toilet with food poisoning.

Wednesday – P turned 26, and we trogged off up to London to see ‘We Will Rock You’.

Thursday -Quiet at work, but I then began baking for P’s party on Saturday.

Friday – Half day at work – SCHOOL IS OUT! And MORE baking.

Saturday – EVEN MORE baking and cooking. Party at the Nest.

So hopefully I should have one or two good posts next week entailing some of our adventures! For now…. try these on for size.

Papa Said

Danielle over at Sometimes Sweet has been doing this feature for a few weeks now, and I love it. It’s so nice to hear dads dishing out some parenting tips and advice.


I adore these! 70’s funk.

Louboutin Love

My favourite Shoeperhero, Shoeperwoman, posted about the most gorgeous Louboutins on Friday….I have to dream….

Pigeon Love

The gorgeous Rachel and family over at Letters to Ames, needed a link today. JUST for her love of Pigeons. Check out her FAQ’s to see what I mean! :)

Insert Me & P

P has booked my birthday present- A TRIP TO DISNEYLAND PARIS!

I’m so excited. At 24, I’ve never been to ANY kind of Disney, so I’ve been browsing the magic! It’ll be in November (Hopefully the Christmas stuff will be up!), and some of our frineds are coming too! CANNOT WAIT!

Sunday Saviours #9

Sorry it’s late!

I spent the weekend with friends, whilst P went to South Wales to spend time with some of his friends, dressed as a smurf….I’m still fuzzy on all those details. We got back late last night, when my tummy began to feel a little more than upset.

So…I’m off work today, with food poisoning. Something that is HIGHLY uncommon to me. I inherited my father’s steel stomach but nevertheless, I’m punctuating this post with sprints to the bathroom. Bad Times.

100th Post

I started blogging last year as a way to entertain myself and to document my life with P. I’m still loving it, and I feel I’ve grown quite a lot as a blogger since my first post all those months ago. This blog isn’t going to change the world…I’m well aware of that. In fact, sometimes it’s perfectly shallow. Yet I have found so many lovely bloggers through writing it, that it honestly can’t be a bad thing.


If you have read my ‘What I Wore’ post here, you’ll see I like using hair accessories. Hairbands have come back into fashion due to (I think) the wonder of Blair Waldorf, but decorating your hair with jewels has also reappeared do to the throwbacks to 40’s and 50’s glamour. There is nothing nicer than a little hair jewellery!

50’s Wedding

A lovely blog, focused on 50’s style weddings. Such a niche, but some of the frocks look so amazing!

Pigeons, Pigeons, Everywhere

You may have seen here, that my nickname from friends is Pigeon. I eat everything in sight, I’ll even have a peck at something that doesn’t look edible (maybe THAT’S why I have food poisoning!), I strut and preen. Is it wrong I want to make some curtains out of this?

Button Bouquet

I probably have enough buttons in my button tin to make about 40 of these.

Vintage Drool

I literally want everything. I love the sign…’Time to drink Champagne and dance on the table’…yes it is.

The Sussex Village Wedding

We spent last Saturday at the gorgeous wedding of Mr & Mrs Ellery.

It took place in the very small village of Twineham in Sussex. We aren’t sure there was even a shop in the village, it was that cute!

I loved the fact that the bridemaids looked like woodland fairies.

The marriage vows took place in a beautiful Tudor church, a 2 minute hobble (my heels were horrendous and the roads not so smooth) from the new Mrs Ellery’s parents home, where the reception was held.

Thankfully the bride didn’t have to do the ungracious gallop in her heels! I only managed the ceremony before the flats came out of our glove box!

With champagne and canapes flowing, the weather held out all day, which we were not expecting!

I also met some of P’s friends that I hadn’t before, who were all totally lovely.

The food was gorgeous, involving Duck for mains, and Chocolate Mousse for the men, and a seriously delish Eton Mess for the ladies. This did incur some ‘big spoon, little spoon’ jokes.

Mr and Mrs Ellery had a live band at their wedding, so we heard no Rihanna or LMAFO, but instead Elvis, Aerosmith and some serious honky tonk tunes. I loved it. I loved having no idea what was playing, but all the guests were happily spinning, twirling and twisting away.

As you can imagine, with wine flowing, things became a little hazy and swirly. It was a fabulous day and evening.

Thankfully to soak up all the wine was cheese and fruit!

We slipped away around midnight. My feet aching, my hips still shimmying and music still blaring behind us.

Thrifty Find: Christmas in July

I know…..I know…
Why the hell am I even thinking about Christmas in July?

It may be because I stumbled on these GORGEOUS reindeer glasses in my favourite second hand vintage warehouse. (The couple who own it clear houses for a living – they get LOADS of good stuff) They were hidden in a sideboard, that I unashamedly rifled through. I’m totally that girl.

Thinking of filling with beads/candles/fir cones/ holly sprigs / ribbon and other jolly items.

I thought they’d be cute to line up and fill with all sorts of wonderful christmas things like beads and tea lights! They have been dutifully packed away in bubblewrap…awaiting December…or late November….

Ok, so spending money in July for Christmas isn’t all that clever, but for all 6, it only cost me £10. That’s £1.60 a glass.