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Be Brave like a Lion

We all have those weeks where work becomes seriously unbearable….Thankfully in my job, which is often fraught with unbearableness, I get little pockets of amazingness too. I got handed this little letter yesterday morning in first lesson from one of my young people, who has already been through so much in her short life.


I love what I do.


Making It: Haylee B and SugarHiStudio

Welcome to the first of my Making It interviews! So the deal is…I am running a weekly feature, here on my blog, showing off small and personal businesses started from the ground up by their owners, in the form of a feature interview, preempting the opening of my own little handmade shop in April! WOW -That was a mouthful.
I really love supporting small businesses and I cannot wait to join the community!

Today, I have the lovely Haylee B from Sugar Hi Studio, spilling the beans about her handmade business.

Click image for source

Why and when did you first decide to open a shop?

I decided to start selling things regularly about 6 months ago! Friends, family, and even strangers on the street kept complimenting the accessories I made and wore myself, and asked if I would be willing to sell them a copy! I’ve actually sold handmade things before, when I was 14 years old I sold beachy jewelry over the summer to raise some extra money.

Why did you choose the name ‘Sugar Hi Studio’?

It actually came about by accident. I’m a writer and a poet as a hobby, and I love word play. I once wrote ‘sugar high’ as ‘Sugar, Hi’ instead, as if it were a greeting, and I thought, that’s pretty cute and sweet, it’d be great for my brand name!

Click image for source

Where did you first decide to start selling your products, and why did you decide on that method?

I currently sell my items from-home to people who ask by word of mouth, and I travel with them to different events and parties. I do it this way right now because I can put my product out there for people to see in person, and I can actually only make up the amount I’ll need for the event. I plan to open an online store this year, soon, and start selling more items that way!

Where do you find that most of your buyers hear about you?

My blog, definitely, because I publicize it so well, and referrals. A lot of my friends wear pieces they’ve bought from me, and they tell everyone I made it!

What do you enjoy most about running your own shop?

I feel really proud when I see a big pile of things I crafted myself. I think, “Wow, that was all a bunch of fabric and buttons and whatnot before, but I turned it into something that will make someone feel very happy and beautiful.”

Click image for source

What is the least enjoyable thing?

The repetitiveness. Right now, trying to start an online store, I have to make several versions of the same item, which can get pretty exhausting since I currently sew everything by hand, and I mean quite literally by hand, since I don’t own a sewing machine!

What is your favourite item that you have in your shop right now?

The rosettes! Big flower clips are my favorite way to instantly feel prettier. On a bad or lazy hair day, I just clip one in and feel like a classy woman, I think any girl would!

Is there anything you would do differently if you started the whole process again?

I would worry less about trying to be perfect and trendy. Mistakes happen, and sometimes you don’t like a design. If you don’t like it, people can tell, and you should make what you like, after all, it’s your shop!

Do you have any advice for those following in your footsteps?

Be true to yourself. Don’t just try to copy what you see other people doing. I started making my own accessories because no one was selling what I wanted. Go with what inspires you! Write things down, cut out pictures, sketch, draw, create your own style. No matter what you’re making or selling, come up with something new. Trust me, people are looking for what you have. Don’t drive yourself crazy comparing yourself to others. We all have our strengths, and yours is no less powerful just because it’s different!

Thank you Haylee for your fab advice. I do worry that my items won’t sell as they aren’t similar to those I have seen around in the market, but I think I just have to trust myself and carry on creating!

You can visit Haylee’s blog here and chat to her on twitter here.


Sorry for the lack of my existence. We got back from Papa Pigeon’s last night at 12am, and then I had to shoot into work on an early shift today. I’ve come home (late) to a big fat pile of unpacking, blogs to read, and general rubbish. I also realise how mental my day is tomorrow what with shooting up to London for brunch with an old friend, shooting back down for archery at 2pm, followed by another late shift. GAWD!
Why do I do it to myself eh?
Roll on Sunday…those saviours will be bloomin’ required I tell you…as well as a large glass of gin.

Hope all your weekends are a bit more chilled than mine!


Sunday Saviours #18


It’s that time of the week again! Hope your weeks have been less stressful than mine. Thankfully got a call yesterday saying that I wasn’t needed for my early shift today, so I have a weekend off 2 weeks earlier than I thought!

Disney Make-Up

The amazing Robyn over at Stay Beautiful has done some make-up looks based on Disney characters. What are you doing? Why haven’t you clicked the link yet?!

Eat Fit

My wonderful friend, Olof posted this on facebook last week. I couldn’t stop smiling for days after.

Should I Text Him?

P found this and it has amused us all week! Something every girl should read to sort her face out!

Show Me Your Sewing

I’m featured over at the beautiful Claire’s blog – HearthandmadeUK. Check out some of my peers VERY impressive sewing projects!

I wish I were swashbuckling…

I want to be out having adventures and experiencing the sights, smells and sounds of the world…or at least curling up on the sofa in front of Deadwood with a camomile tea.

But I’m not – I’m rushing about like a headless chicken, catching up on laundry (LOADS after the weekend in Devon), trying desperately to catch up on my social life (GIRLS – I MISS YOU), working ALL the hours at work, and trying to make sure I eat and sleep. I may be failing on the latter.

I cannot wait for a day off (in about 8 days) so I can actually sort my life out.

Anybody else feeling slightly harassed lately? Let’s share and feel better that we aren’t alone.

Sunday Saviours #7

P is home and I find myself in the middle of a 12 day workathon…today is day 7 on shift in a row! These are keeping me tethered to the real world.

Market 203

The wonderfully lovely Cassie @ The Veda House has got her shop¬† Market203 up and running! Look at the beautiful things! I will be….. drooool

Forever England

One of my beautiful besties works as a manager in one of the ‘real life’ shops of Forever England – and I had the pleasure of being her unpaid yet glamourous assistant last weekend. I left wanting all the quilts we had sold.

Hair Days

I have a wedding (yes another..this is wedding 3 this year…we received an invite for wedding 4 yesterday) on saturday to attend and I’m looking for some gorgeous up hair to do with my barnet….How I wish I was a redhead.

Rag & Magpie

I love everything!

Dahlia Flowers

I’m adding this to my make list!

Thrifty Find: Mirror Mirror on the Wall….

As mentioned Tuesday, I bought the cutest mirror last weekend!

It needed a good old scrub down and a bit of TLC, so I rolled up my sleeves and cracked on.

Firstly I unscrewed the brackets holding the mirror in place, to leave me with the frame.

It was pretty grotty, covered in dust and grime from wherever it was before the thrift shop.

But the grime was no match for my old soft toothbrush and a solution of bicarbonate of soda and water. I managed to work it out of all the creases and crevices, and gave it a good old buff for good measure.

I cleaned the mirror with a vinegar & water solution, let it dry and then reattatched it to the frame.

I’m so pleased with the results. It’s now sitting in pride of place on my windowsill dressing table, making me feel like a french aristocrat every morning.

Sunday Saviours #5

It’s Sunday lunchtime…my dear Lauren has head home after a particularly girlie evening, leaving me all on my lonesome till next Friday. I won’t lie, I’ve struggled without P knocking about this week, and these seriously helped.

Elephant in the Room

These are so cute….I feel a project coming on!

Stuffed Stuff

I found this blog by The H-less Wonder and her little cuddly friends, when I first joined wordpress.com, and loved EVERY post. I’m sure you’ll chuckle too!

BIG cookie

The amazing Jacquelyn from Lark+Linen posted up this recipe on Friday….it’s sooooo on my to cook list.

Posters for P

I still haven’t gotten out of posters….we have two up in our living room (A vintage Guinness one and a Mucha one)…they are unframed (I will get on that one day and get them in some frames!). As much as I say that these posters are for P….I may want the Metropolis one just as much as he.

More posters?

Ok….I’ll admit it…I have a problem….but look how AMAZING these are!

Great little Ideas

A website to help inspire and guide you on a few little projects.

What I Wore – Working the Jeans

Unlike most of the beauteous goddesses who do ‘What I wore’ posts…I barely have time to scratch my rear before I have to run out to work in the morning, and with P still MIA in San Francisco…my point and click is getting optimum usage at 8.02 am before I make a mad dash for my car.

Please ignore my copious amounts of washing in the piccies below….what with my girls heading down this weekend, I wanted to get all our laundry done….so my flat is looking like a laundrette!

My job involves keys. Keys that I cannot wear around my neck on a nice pretty bit of ribbon as I would probably get garroted with it by my students. Keys that have to be attached to me at all times, by a chain (or rather fetching dog lead) through a belt loop, and then must be shoved into a pocket to remove the ‘grab’ temptation.

So frocks for work are out. As are my collections of pretty a-line skirts that I used as a TA in a primary school. I shy away from the mid-thigh shorts as I have to accompany them with thick tights or leggings due to working with teenage boys…..the same reason medium or low-cut tops are out…. I can only say ‘I’m up here’ so many times in a day.

So what is in….and in….and in….are my jeans.

I won’t lie. I love jeans. I’ve always lived in jeans. But now I don’t have any other options I can find them a bit tiring.

I made it my aim this week to get out of my regular ‘slogan tee & jeans’ combo at least once….and I managed it twice!

The 21st Century Land Girl

I’m boning up on my WW2 facts at the moment, as that is what I’m currently teaching whilst covering history. I love the era of the land girls. The girls who went from town and city to learn how to grow veggies, shear sheep and drive big tractors. This is my nod to them with my pinned hair and farm girl gilet!

  • Top – Dorothy Perkins
  • Zip up Hoodie, Headband – Primark
  • Puffa Gilet – Charity Shop
  • Jeans – New Look
  • Snow Boots – Decathlon
  • Earrings – Spitalfields Market

The Line Dancing Squaw

I did get a few ‘hey cowgirl’ comments from my colleagues today, but I love my 3rd hand (3rd hand is apparently the new 2nd hand) shirt and eBay booties!

  • Shirt – 3rd hand from a friend, who had bought it from a charity shop
  • Vest, Belt, Socks – Primark
  • Jeans – New Look
  • Fringe Boots – eBay

I actually enjoyed trying out something different with my jeans – any suggestions would be gladly received…and maybe I’ll try them out & post them up!

Sunday Saviours #4

Sunday Saviours Round 4 – ding ding ding!

Things that have been helping me out this week!


This is a fabulous website where you can post up your looks and look at hundreds of other fashionistas from around the entire world. Check out these beauties!

Got Mice?

Wonderful blogger, Thrifty Decor Chick, did some very cute things with her stairs last October and Christmas. I think I may need to do this come Halloween!


I came across this woman whilst searching for shoe storage…and she has become one of my heroines!

WWI tunnel

Could you imagine such a time capsule left unfound since 1918?

Nice to see you….to see you nice!

What a bonus for Brucie!

Katy & GHD

I love GHD’s adverts. They did a series of twisted fairytale ones last year that made me chuckle. And also Katy is my favourite.