Pregnancy FWP

Ok… I’m officially not one of those women who enjoy being pregnant.

You know the ones….all gorgeous hair and radiating skin, the ones who are so full of energy and are so pleased because all their flowing pre-pregnancy maxi dresses still fit in month 5…

Erm…. was I not in the queue that day when they were dishing out the clear skin and nice hair pregnancy add-ons? I also apparently missed the ‘how to have loads of energy’ seminar and trust me…NONE of my pre-pregger clothing fits….so it turns out the clothing elves are on strike.

And I cannot express to you how much I miss Pate & Gin.

4 months in and I feel I finally look pregnant…..rather than I’ve just eaten an entire Warburton’s lorry load of white bread and bloated to enormous Verruca Salt like proportions.

I have however had a few tough months adjusting. I think I thought it would be easy….get pregnant, have a baby, grow our family….and whilst Mother Dear has prepared me for the practical ‘have a baby and grow our family’ section of the plan by the full immersion of two extra siblings when I hit my teenage years, wherein I was used as a much needed pair of extra hands and free childcare…. I hadn’t been prepared for the ‘oh-god-I-don’t-feel-or-look-like-me’ experience of pregnancy.

I’d always had a very strong sense of self…. when a boyfriend and I once broke up as ‘he needed to go find himself’, I shook my head and couldn’t quite understand how he had gotten to 20 and still had no clue who he was or how he didn’t yet have his own sense of style.

On the whole…I liked myself…I liked my body, I liked how it looked in the clothes I chose and I liked the image of carefree rock goddess that I put out in the world.

Until 16 weeks ago.

Sometimes it can be the little things that set you on edge…. the fact that when I sit in front of our mirrored wardrobe, I can no longer see my hip tattoo as it is hidden by rolls of ‘fat and baby’….and how my life uniform of skinny jeans were no longer an option from week 8 as I couldn’t get them done up without a DIY hair bobble attachment.


I currently feel like I’m dressed like Amy from The Big Bang Theory…all frumpy and weird…and not in a good way. I don’t feel like I can pull any of my beloved ’80’s rock glamour puss’ vibe from anything in my wardrobe…. and yes…that’s totally how I see my style of dressing….

And yes…I hear you…go buy maternity wear….

Do you know how horrific it is for me to shop for bottoms normally?! I’m a tall girl with curves and calves…and surprisingly, shops don’t make for those.

Even trying to build up the courage to go maternity shopping, which would include traipsing and lots of trying on, is thwarted by everything being so damn tiring… even thinking about going shopping makes me need to nap.

And if one more person tells me ‘the tiredness normally goes after the first 3 months’ I’m going to sit on them…

I was used to cramming a million and one things into my day, doing them all, shaking my hair like in a shampoo advert and winking because I-was-awesome-at-getting-s*@t-done… now climbing the stairs to go to the toilet for the fourth time in the hour leaves me totally out of breath…. it sucks.

And yes….I’m aware this is totally first world problem crazy pregnant lady ranting and I’m not doubting I will love this tiny terrorist when it emerges….but until then…can we quit pretending like pregnancy is the most glorious thing on earth and recognise it for what it is….. the end of your life as you know it.



What I miss about city living…. and what I don’t.


Nostalgia always seems to strike me as I head to the Big Smoke or down to Brighton, especially when using the train. I find myself thinking about the two years I lived in London and the things I really loved about it.

I moved to London to seek my fame and fortune after I finished university, having been a country girl for the majority of my life, I found that I adjusted to the life surprisingly quickly.

When I met Mr Pigeon, we had a choice whether we stayed in London or we move out to the commuter belt in the South East, where his friends and family mostly resided. We chose the latter, but sometimes, as I make my way to one of my two favourite cities, I like to think about what I miss….and what I don’t.

Living Eclectically

I found the transition of big city back to suburbs quite difficult after living in such a great big mush of amazing people from all races, religions, cultures and backgrounds.

I was used to walking down the street in all manner of outlandish garb and not even getting a second look, however, in the suburbs, anything as fashion forward as faux stocking top tights gets whispers, pointing and the odd head tilt. It gets seriously old….

I have however learnt not to give two hoots and I now proudly wear all my ‘London Clothes’ here and stick out like a sore thumb with glee…. but I do miss the drag queens, the punks with the 3ft lilac mohawks and old ladies wearing fur coats and sequins

Public Transport

Oh lordy…. how I miss it. Yes it wasn’t perfect, but when you grew up in a village where the buses where once an hour, you have no idea how joyous it was to be able to just wait 5 minutes for a tube! AND THE BUS RUNS ALL NIGHT?! I truly miss the night bus, despite how scummy it was, there is nothing like knowing that however drunk you are you just have to make your way to CentrePoint in those sky high heels and climb aboard.

I very rarely get public transport in the ‘burbs. It takes such a long times to get anywhere and actually works out to be so much more expensive that driving to town and parking…. sigh.

I however don’t miss the ‘others’ on public transport….them with their MASSIVE backpacks that hit you in the face as they turn round, them with no control of their perspiration, the tourists, the drunks, them with their music playing out loud and the open-mouthed starers.


What shall we do tonight? In the city, you can do whatever the hell you please. I’ve been to West End shows and sat in the best seats for pittance as I’ve turned up 5 minutes before curtain, I’ve been to museums after work, I’ve been to gigs and live events… all at a moments notice, because in the city…there is always something going on and you can forget about cooking dinner as there is always somewhere cheap to eat if you know where to go.

I don’t miss nobody being able to make a decision as there were so many options. Or how much money you spent in the pub. Or having to travel 45 minutes to get ANYWHERE to meet up with your friends for a quick one after work. Who the hell does that outside of a city? No-one…that’s who.


We all have days where we want to turn our collars up to the world and speak to nobody. In a city, you can. In the suburbs however, I have to say ‘Good Morning’ to at least three people from the dash from my porch to my car…. I have full on chats with my neighbours…yeah it’s nice that someone takes in my parcels and wants to engage me about the weather, my dog and how my life is going generally…but here I have to keep up my pretence of being vaguely normal on a day-to-day basis.

I did find London quite lonely at times, but there were days when I truly reveled in not having to utter a word to anybody.

The Muck

London in the summer is glorious… you know what isn’t glorious? Your feet after walking around in sandals all day in a city. You literally look like a Dickensian urchin….not a great look when you get to someone’s flat and you have to take your shoes off.

Also I hated the amount of smut that I used to rinse out of my hair EVERY DAY after using the tube. And the fact you couldn’t touch ANY handrails in case you caught something foul with pustules.

Yeah….I really don’t miss the muck.


My life in the city involved a lot of sharing… flat sharing, fridge sharing, carriage sharing, space sharing. Whilst most of it was quite fun and I loved it at the time, I realise now that I’m utterly selfish and I hate to share.

I want a garden of my own, I want a fridge where things don’t go missing, a shower where it is JUST MY HAIR IN THE DRAIN. Of course, I don’t live like that, as I now share with my husband and soon, our own little nightmare, but those are people I love and WANT to share with (most of the time)…not that I just tolerate.


I think we made the right choice moving to the commuter belt…but if they could just get a takeaway to stay open till 2am on a Sunday here, I’d be more than grateful.




News from the Nest

dog birth Announcement

Yep…’ve got it!

The boy, the hound and I are adding to our little pack of three.

We shall be a happy pack of four (or should I say a very tired and grumpy pack of four) in mid March next year.

This has been a bit of a bumpy road for us, as we were very naive and thought we would fall pregnant almost instantly, but 11 months after deciding to try (which I am aware isn’t long….but when you work with teenagers who seem to manage it at the drop of …well you know…it can be more than a little frustrating) – we had many upset moments (mainly as I had NO control over what was going on…and I’m a self confessed control freak) and one big blowout where I deleted all my fertility apps, told Mr Pigeon that I didn’t want to talk about it anymore and we should just get another dog, and threw all my pregnancy tests into the deepest darkest recesses of the bathroom cupboard – we fell pregnant the next ruddy month.

In hindsight, I think we needed that time. Mr Pigeon wasn’t 100% ready when we started…more like 80%, but when it finally took he was firmly in the ‘let’s get you fat and I can drink all the gin’ camp.

As you can imagine was are totally over the moon with the news, despite now (and since 8 weeks) I’m struggling to fit in any of my clothes, I’m not able to eat anywhere near the portions I used to be able to put away, I need to pee three times as much, I’m thirsty ALL THE TIME and I’m having a whole wardrobe (and body) crisis!

In true Pigeon style, we are aiming to spend as little as possible on kitting out our nursery and our littlest as I have already had to stop working at my Real Job due to the nature of what I do, so we’ll be sharing what we find out as we go… well as doing other non-pregnancy stuff…because I do feel that is ALL I talk about now….any other beach ball smugglers feel that way?

We are not planning find out the sex of our baby, we aren’t fussed either way so we may as well have a surprise! So don’t ask, you cheeky things!


Carb Free Pork & Courgette Pasta

carb free pork and courgette pasta

Ok….before I get started…I have to tell you all that I am not a food nazi who hates carbs, in fact I love carbs more than is healthy….Full loaves of bread swiftly disappear under my watch as does mammoth amounts of pasta.

The reason I end up making a carb-free dinner is the abundance of courgettes I often find myself with at this time of year from my two raised bed veggie garden. I’m a bit slack at collecting the little blighters on a regular basis so I often find myself with something resembling Arnold Schwarzenegger in courgette form.

I have found however that courgette peeled with a peeler and flash fried in some sort of homemade dressing is a great carb replacement…and that folks is fact because even Mr Pigeon doesn’t complain about the substitution….and he’s pretty carb obsessed too.

This entire dinner takes under 10 minutes to cook so it is a great workday meal to throw on the table when you are too tired to think.

Ingredients (for two)

2 pork chops

1 large courgette (green or yellow…let’s not be fussy)

2 tbsps of French Dijon Mustard

A glug of cider vinegar

Go ahead and peel your courgette, skin and all. You want all that courgette-y-ness in a bowl ready to flash fry after you’ve done the pork chops.  You will need to pop your oven on to warm, this is just to keep your chops hot as you fry the courgette.

You will get to a point in the courgette where you hit seeds (if you let them get marrowy like I do) so stop otherwise it’ll be all pippy and horrid…I normally chuck the center in with the chickens as they go mad for it!

I love courgette as they taste of nothing and they can be melded into whatever you want in a dish. I make a mustard sauce for this dish as it goes well with the pork.

(Does it really count as a sauce if it’s two ingredients? Probably not…)

Pop the pork chops in a frying pan with a little glug of oil and get them cooking. They will only need about 4 minutes a side.

Whip up your mustard sauce by popping the mustard in a bowl, giving it a good stir and slowly adding cider vinegar until you have a runny dressing. I use a teeeeny whisk for this as I like to pretend I’m Nigella at this point….she always has a teeny whisk on the go.

Once your chops are done, pop them in your warmed oven on plates.

Throw all the courgette into the hot pan with all the pork juice and poke them around a bit until they are all covered and are heating through. Pour over your mustard concoction and gently mix. Poke about for about two minutes before getting your plates back out of the oven and serving up the veg from the frying pan.

Any sauce left in the pan can be drizzled on your pork chops and courgette on the plate and enjoy with a glass of something, whilst feeling smug that you aren’t having carbs.



I’m not dead….

I'm not dead a blog break, chatting girl sitting on rocks

Ok….Let’s start by saying that I’m not dead.

Life has meant that an unintentional blog hiatius has occurred, a running theme for the past year.

I can say with great confidence that I’ll be back in September, posting weekly, with lots of thrifty stuff, DIY’s, life updates and lots of other stuff.



What I Wore: Back to Front Frock

What I Wore (posh) headerb2f no jacket what I wore

I was scrolling through my phone and I found these photos from back in November of my birthday….so muchos apologies for the photo quality… it is entirely due to it being shot on my phone at Clapham Junction and not the fact that it was cheaper to buy posh fizz by the bottle than gin….

I was whisked to London by my wonderful husband and our friends to a burlesque club in the City. It was truly marvellous and of course, the actor in me wanted to feel like I fitted in…

I was most proud of this outfit because I wore the dress backwards…. and before you look at me like I’m a mental case…I do this quite often.

Sometimes I really don’t like the drop of a neckline or it’s too revealing for my taste and this particular dress that I bought in my first year of university has a SERIOUSLY low v neckline…so low that even in my uni days (*cough* 10 years ago) I used to safety pin it together else my lady front would actually be out on full view….and not even in a tasteful way.

b2f rear view what i wore

I unpicked the stratchy label and also folded under the pointless little sleeves to make them a more pronounced cap sleeve. I quickly secured them with a few stitches by hand to ensure they didn’t come unfolded during the evening. This actually changed the whole feel of the outfit and meant I hadn’t had to buy something new.

photo 4

I also got to wear my super towering high heels and feel glorious about it!

Have you ever tried wearing something the wrong way round? Intentionally of course!


How To: Make a Wall Planner

Running a business can be very expensive, especially when you run one of those ‘kitchen table oh-my-god-all-my-time-and-money-is-poured-into-this’ like mine.
I have managed to step up from my kitchen table and have rented out a little workspace with the lovely Lucy from Lucy Made Me.
We have managed to furnish it on the cheap, using furniture from our own homes and a few bits bought from charity shops….and being creative types we have come up with a few other solutions too.

We don’t always work together at The Dairy (our workspace) as Lucy works 9-5 in London and I work shifts, so we needed some sort of world domination wall planner, and I wasn’t willing to pay for one.

Luckily I watched enough Blue Peter as a child to have a few tricks up my sleeve…

How to make a wall planner (1)
I had one of these super cool freebie calender from a magazine. Normally the calendars I manage to get for free suck, but I love the quirky crochet drawings on this one.

I took it apart and laid all the months in a 4×3 square and then reached for my secret weapon…dancing Pug tape.


How to make a wall planner (4) My husband bought me this tape for Christmas….he knows me soooo well.How to make a wall planner (2)I simply overlapped the pages of the calendar slightly and stuck them together. Funky Pug tape makes all the difference.

Now Lucy and I can plan out when all our fairs are and when we will be holding open studios too, and we can mark when we are away on hollybobs so the other knows.

I popped it up on the wall using washi tape so it didn’t mark our rented walls!How to make a wall planner (3)

Have you got a good use for a free calendar?