How soon is too soon?

How soon is too soon?   This bothers me.

Is it too soon to have another cream cake?

Is only 2 dates too soon to sleep with a guy?

Is moving in before you’ve been together a year too soon?

Our friends gathered around our flatscreen, draping themselves over our new Ikea sofa and matching footstool. Someone passed P a box of Celebrations that had been brought as a house-warming gift. We soon got into a quick con-flab about our favourites, P not knowing mine was Bounty, although I was quite aware he’s a sucker for anything chocolatey.

His friends were gobsmacked that we didn’t know every in and out of each others personalities.  Surely if we live together…we must have known everything about each other before we signed the contract? Filled out a questionnaire and did a formal essay on why P’s favourite pasta sauce is Homepride Tomato and Bacon?

No. Shockingly, I don’t actually care what chocolate P likes best, or what his favourite song by AC/DC is….because all I care about is that he likes ME……also he knows I don’t really eat a lot of chocolate and is more than happy to pass me my favourite cheesecake (not a slice mind you, a WHOLE cheesecake). And I’m not one to ask 4,000 questions…I’d rather learn about people by osmosis.

P & I knew we wanted to live together after 2 months. Too soon? Maybe. Granted I had only just met his family, and he had met my Mum and my brothers, but hey, our 4th date was in Ikea….dreaming up our perfect pad.

I tell my Mum everything. It saves having to dig out of a pit of lies later. So I wasn’t worried to tell her about planning to live with P when my lease in London ran out. She knows my everything or nothing nature all to well.

It was my father and my housemate I had to convince.

I say convince…I mean tell them what I was going to do and remind them gently that I was a grown-up and if it all went BOOM…I’d brush myself off and start again. Thankfully, they know me well enough to let me do what I want.

With our one year anniversary looming, we have talked about getting married (I caught the bouquet at a friends wedding…he found it HILARIOUS). And getting a dog (and rabbit). And buying a house (with a garage for Gladys (his beloved motorbike) & a garden).

And the fact that P laughs and kisses me when I get all excited about being able to have a vegetable garden (fenced of course so the future dog can’t get in it to dig it all up), proves to me that the answer to my first three questions are… Never, you might be dead tomorrow.


4 responses to “How soon is too soon?

  1. did you get my post on this? xx

  2. I think every situation is quite different.

    Is it too soon to have another cream cake? Stop when you feel sick.

    Is only 2 dates too soon to sleep with a guy? Some guys..other guys you don’t wait :/

    Is moving in before you’ve been together a year too soon? I was with my husband only 2 months before we moved in together. Now we’ve been married 8 years.

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