Parting is such sweet sorrow…

We are VERY serious at SRS....

I had my leaving do last night. I’ve left the special school that I have worked at for the past year. I didn’t want to leave, actually I LOVE the school and all the staff. It was just the damn commute (see previous post) I couldn’t deal with.

Since the move, I’ve been paying out £92.20 to travel to north London every week, and on my very low pay for being an amazing T.A, it’s was really breaking the bank.

It was very emotional. I love my class teacher, Janet. She’s like this crazy aunt you wish would come and live with you because your life would NEVER be boring again. She found me highly amusing as I got through restraining and some heinous behaviour by singing everything. Also I had a habit of  doing stag leaps and pirouettes down the corridor. We’ve become really close and knowing I’m not going to stroll in after the holidays and be able to mess about with Jan is a horrid feeling.

In true teacher fashion, we hit the pub about 3.30 yesterday, I managed to finally drag myself away, eyes streaming and red and full of snot at 10.30 to catch the last train home.

The main thing I want to say in this post is that sometimes the people you work with are more than colleagues. Mine are friends and family. It’s great working with people who are as close to me as aunts and uncles and brothers and sisters. It’s just the leaving them that rips you in two. And then I haven’t even mentioned leaving the kids behind….

Of course I’ll visit. But it just won’t be the same as rocking up every day and spending hours with my ‘family’.

And I think they realise they won’t be getting rid of me that easy…my place has already been booked at the Christmas do table.

Damn….I have to pretend to be ‘normal’ for the first few months of my new job now…..bugger…..


4 responses to “Parting is such sweet sorrow…

  1. ‘special school’ – is that not politically incorrect? 😉

  2. It’s what we were billed as…Special Needs School. 🙂

  3. Hi, very interesting post, greetings from Greece!

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