How To: Survive a strangers wedding….

Whaddaya mean you don't like chicken?!

Well, yesterday I endured some peoples vision of hell…….

A strangers wedding.

P’s friend was marrying his long time girlfriend. Problem being that P hadn’t really seen his friend since college, well until last weekend, when they met up for the stag do.

So P knew the groomsmen, which is handy when you are an usher. I just knew P.

It could have been a horrendous day where I stood in on my lonesome and looked like a complete twassock…so for those in a simila situation…here is my little survival guide….

1: OUTFIT – This is not the time to wear something outside of your comfort zone – If you are going to be tugging and worrying about your outfit all day in a group of people you know well, imagine it in a group where you know no-one. Dress for a wedding, but true to yourself. I put away my chosen maxi-dress and grabbed a shorter comfier number and did good things with accessories so I felt comfortable within myself.

2: CHILDREN – if there is a cute kid about, hone in and aww and oooo…this will instantly give you something to talk about with somebody stood near you.

3: FRIENDLY FACES – I managed to sit next to the nicest lady who turned out to be the grooms sister-in-law, I mentioned that I didn’t know anyone and I was P’s girlfriend, and I was quickly welcomed into the fold. As long as you are polite and sweet, people will believe it!

4: EATING – You should be fine at this point because a bride & groom should have seated you with your partner. But if not, introduce yourself and then natter about the table decorations, the ceremony, the great hat/shoes you’ve spotted…

5: DANCING & MERRIMENT – As long as you don’t vomit on the bride and kiss the groom, you are fine. You know no-one. Go for it…. Dance it up to Abba with an uncle and bust some moves to the Jackson 5! Don’t be embarassed, you are never going to see these people again!

I actually had a really good night in the end…..despite the hangover today….


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