Being “Normal”

Well, the housewife life is coming to an end…and not a moment too soon…I’m starting to get a little cabin feverish.

The next hurdle is to get into my ‘starting the new job’ mode. I’ve defaulted to this mode several times in the past 5 years, and yet it surprises me every time.

I’m surprised how I hate pretending to be normal.

I managed it for about 9 months with P’s friends. Not with P though…he knows ALL about the crazy… and thankfully he doesn’t scare easy.

I broke the my normalcy treaty with myself and P’s friends at a poker game, where I got rotten drunk, amused them all, and won at poker. I decided on my 2nd glass of wine…bugger this…P likes me enough for his friends not to!

Luckily, as I already mentioned, they were highly amused, so it was a win:win situation.

Being normal at work is sort of a requirement of a job. No over the top hand gestures, mad eye rolling  and loud voices allowed sort of deal.

I do work in an area of expertise where life is a little more lax, but still, I have to reign in the crazy until I’ve made some friends.

Hopefully it won’t take tooooo long………


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