The love and hate of surprises….

He wouldn't tell me...P bribed him with bamboo beer


I have a love/hate relationship with surprises.

Having the curiosity of a cat who has yet to lose any of its nine lives and therefore have no qualms about coming an inch closer to the Reaper, I can’t bear the not knowing.

I love surprises I don’t know about. The ones that catch you unawares with a big metaphorical punch in the face, a party, a thoughtful gift, a bag of cookies, another drink before you’ve even thought about going to the bar, P doing housework before it has approached my cleaning radar…

These surprises are special, they are instantly gratifying, and before that instant they are not even in your stratosphere.

I love giving these surprises too…I love the plotting, the secrecy, and the underhandedness that you know will pull this one out of the bag.

I gave one such surprise to my Mum yesterday. Yesterday was her ’40 cough cough’ th birthday. I’d spoken to her the day before asking what her plans where, checking to see if her present had arrived (it hadn’t….. due to it still being by our front door), before hopping in the car and driving 2 hours to a friend’s (Cheers Loubear!) to lay in wait…

The next morning, I slunk to my mothers and delivered her birthday presents in person.

She loved it. She had no idea, no foreboding that her eldest spawn and only daughter was on her way to spend her birthday with her.

That is a surprise I love.

The surprises I hate on the other hand….. are the ones you know are coming.

“Don’t plan anything for Sept 19th” – P states.

Great…he isn’t forth coming with any more information…apart from there will be tea and cake….and that it’s not that exciting…


Surely I will just be disappointed?! Or is it to add mystery to something that I really don’t want to go to….?

Hmmmmmmm…the mind boggles…..

And I can’t let it go….. Why, what, where, when, how?

A surprise isn’t my favourite unless I don’t know about it….the kind I know about drives me to distraction…..

Now…how can I get it out of him?

Hmmmmmmmm…time to start plotting………..


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