LOST: One Live-In Boyfriend

Have you seen this man?

The strange thing is I’m still noticing his washing in the wash basket, his dirty plates on the side, and the fact that I’m still fighting for the duvet and cooking for three ( which equals one man portion & one lady portion).

It all started when Gran Turismo 5 arrived.

I was at work on that fateful day. The day the Postman delivered the small dvd sized case that would change my life.

I came home, and the steering wheel was out. (The steering wheel, that cost the price of 5 new outfits is a WHOLE other post)

Which has meant the table has taken up position in the middle of the living room… in front of the sofa… so you have to climb over it to get a seat. With your hot dinner. Because the table has a steering wheel on it.

I arrived after a double shift (12 hours on unit) to something resembling P, hunched over and making car noises with his game, and my living room in disarray. This girl with OCD tendencies was tired and not amused.

I’m sure that P is no longer his loving self, and possibly Sony has replaced him with a droid.

I would like to request that if anyone sees P, please send him home…droids don’t eat….


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