Yummy Choccy Penguins


It’s got to that time of year when I furiously start making Christmas yummies to put in little hampers for my friends and family as presents.

Last month, P had bought a penguin shaped ice cube silicone mould for making…you guessed it…penguin shaped ice cubes.

But in a flash of amazement, I hijacked it to make Choccy Penguins for my friends children and my younger brothers.

It is honestly the simplest thing in the world – I may even buy more ice cube trays so I can make different shape chocolates for birthdays and next christmas.

1: Take 200g of chocolate (any flavour – I’ve done plain white, milk and dark penguins as they are for children, but P has requested Chilli Choccy Penguins next!) – 200g does one ice cube tray. Keep the empty ice cube tray in the freezer till you are just ready to put the chocolate in it.

2: Break it up into squares and nuke in the microwave until completley melted. You can do it the traditional way over a pan of hot water, but I feel it takes too long when I’m in this festive rush!

3: Using a teaspoon, scoop and dribble molten chocolate – it has to be runny or it will make silly blobs too quickly, into the mould…halfway you can add a nut, or a sweetie if you wish, dependent if you want them to have a centre. You could also do half white and half milk…etc etc, just stopping halfway through before adding the different layer.

4: Ensure you are as neat as possible as this will save you neatening them up after they come out the freezer. Clean up the edges with a flat butter knife. Give the mould a little wibble to make all the chocolate fall into the cracks.

5: Whack in the freezer for about an hour.

6: Pop out of the mould (you may have to be a bit rougher than you think) and place in bought or homemade bags or boxes lined with greaseproof paper.

Do try not to scoff them before you finish….mine are currently stored (popped out of mould) in the fridge with a big sticker on the tupperware saying ‘XMAS PRESSIES – DO NOT EAT. THIS MEANS YOU P’

Good Luck!


5 responses to “Yummy Choccy Penguins

  1. That’s a very good idea. We have some Tigger and Eeyore trays I think I will try. I used to have shot-glass ones but chucked them as the ice would slide around the tray. If only I had thought of the chocolate

  2. The wibble is the all important bit to settle the chocolate into all the gaps of the mould. I wibble after I’ve put chocolate in each bit.
    I’m definitely going to go to IKEA and get a heart shaped mould and some other funky shapes!
    P has some shot glass moulds because his brother has some and did them with chocolate the year before last, but you need about 100g of chocolate per glass!

  3. Just done some Eeyore half milk half white chocolate this morning, come out very well thanks for the idea 🙂

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