Oreo Truffles

These were gone in a matter of minutes....

In addition to the Choccy Penguins in my Christmas hampers, I am making Oreo Truffles.

I first had these amazing truffles when my almost sister-in-law, Moni, asked us to take about 20 of them off her hands after she had made hundreds for a cousin’s wedding. They were filling up her fridge and she was worried that they might end up on her hips!

She graciously gave me the recipe so I could make some for my hampers this year (and probably every year after this one!).


250g of Philadelphia or equivalent (I used Sainsbury’s own brand)

500g Oreo Cookies

400g of Milk Chocolate


  1. Blitz the cookies till they are a fine crumbly mix.
  2. Mix the cookies & Philly together.
  3. Roll small amounts of the mixture into little balls onto greaseproof paper or a silicone tray.
  4. Chill for 30 minutes
  5. Melt the chocolate till molten (either do this on the hob or do it in small sections in the microwave)
  6. Cover the Philly/Oreo balls with chocolate.
  7. Fridge till set.

They can be quite fiddley to put the chocolate on. Moni suggested piping it on. I dunked the ball straight into a bowl of chocolate and used teaspoons to move it around and then place on the silicone tray.

Can take a while but the taste is TOTALLY worth it!



3 responses to “Oreo Truffles

  1. How about just rolling them in cocoa powder, like the ‘posh’ ones in the shops? Less messy, I would think. Have copied the recipe! Thanks x

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