Thrifty Find: Matching Jar and Jugs and why you should hunt out your own!

As you may have noticed from reading these pages, if I can make something, rescue, reuse or recycle something, instead of paying out hard-earned wages, I’ll run and jump at the chance.

Charity shopping is my sport, eBay is my guilty pleasure. I have coined the term ‘Magpie-ing’ in our family- I do tend to grab things that are shiny and free and fashion them into other things that I can gift or feel very smug about when I’m asked where they are from.

Like last weekend, when a girl in a club toilets fawned over the Circa 1985.

The Circa 1985 is a dress rescued & rehashed from my mother’s closet. A boned prom dress in a bright purple brocade, with a layered ra-ra skirt. All it needed was taking up by 2.5 inches to make it current, and my sewing machine and I were more than capable.

That smug feeling of being able to say to the somewhat drunk, but still awestruck girl when she asked where it was from is unbelievable….. “Thanks, it’s vintage. My mother bought it in 1985.”

The look on her face….priceless. It’s a one of a kind feeling without the monumental price tag.

It must be the same feeling others get buying designer on sale!

I would suggest to all to rifle through charity shops, car boot sales, eBay listings, relatives wardrobes and vintage shops… and not just for clothes, I bought the best biscuit jar and matching milk jug in a 70’s pattern from a charity shop, which I adore for just £8 for both….you never know what you might find.

But if you do, I know you’ll find something unique.


2 responses to “Thrifty Find: Matching Jar and Jugs and why you should hunt out your own!

  1. I’m the same way! I adore thrifting and finding old but gorgeous things that have almost been completely forgotten about:)

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