To Sale or not to Sale….

Christmas Day has passed, and the onslaught of the christmas sales has begun.

Sale is one of my favourite words…along with Free.

P was all up for us going to Sainsbury’s on Christmas Eve to see if we could score a £1 turkey, but being a man of little planning, he left it till after the shops had shut to suggest it.

I love things going cheap. I love the idea of the sales. The love the idea of the sales, the reality is a thing I despise. The pushing, the shoving, the elbows, the children screaming, the pushchairs running me down between racks of clothes, the grabbing, the snatching and the general hellishness.

I love a good rummage and the thrill of that amazing find, but I like doing it at my own relaxed wandering pace, without the elbows please.

This year I have found my happy medium……..the online sales!

Having a few events coming up in 2011, a couple of weddings and the such like, I decided to buy some frocks whilst the prices were right.

So despite being laid on the sofa poorly with girlie flu, I’ve managed to get 2 dresses for a combined price of £20, without getting sucked into buying things I don’t really need or want, and getting so irritated that I abandon shopping all together.



2 responses to “To Sale or not to Sale….

  1. Yay for you!! I ventured to the mall briefly yesterday & it was just as you describe. Bought a new pair of jeans (half price) & got myself outa there! 🙂

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