New Years Resolutions…with Doughnuts

I have decided that my NYR this year is to expand my cooking repertoire. I aim to cook something new every week, and I’ve kicked off today by using one of my lovely Christmas presents from my good friend, Rooster.

A Mini Doughnut Maker!

Rooster and I love food –  all sizes of doughnuts are high up there on the list.

Waking up hangover free this morning – rum and whiskey mixers are my hangover free juice – doughnuts were fully on the cards.

I followed all the directions…making enough batter apparently 21 doughnuts (I ended up making 49), I think I under filled the moulds, so next time I’ll go crazy!

Batter for hundreds....

The first batch didn’t go to well (there was no hole in the middle!) but  by the second, third, and all the way up to the seventh batch, I got the hang of it.

Yum yum yum

I even made cinnamon sugar to go with them! I made so many, that I actually had to freeze some for the future…. doughnuts for breakfast during the work week?

I think so!


3 responses to “New Years Resolutions…with Doughnuts

  1. Oh, I bought one of these lovely things for myself and thought I’d just make and use a box mix when I tried mine a couple days ago. I think I made something like 60+ cupcakes, too..but we ate all of ours. Freezing seems much wiser!

    • My 7th batch I whacked loads of the batter in….. after listening to the instructions of not overfilling the mould….instructions be damned…the 7th batch was the best.
      60+ cupcakes! Wow. That is impressive. The baking and the comsuming!
      Thanks for reading

  2. Jealous!!!! Happy baking!

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