Pesto: My New Secret Weapon

Wall-E loves Pesto...sometimes too much...

Now, I’ve used pesto before. I am well aware of its yumminess with pasta. I lived on it through university, especially after a late rehearsal or a night out.

But in keeping with my NYR of creating something new in my kitchen every week, I thought I had to share my new found love of pesto in SANDWICHES.

I’m not going to belittle your intelligence by giving you a sandwich recipe. We are all very capable of slapping some bread of choice with a filling of choice. I am going to simply tell you to replace you butter/margarine with pesto for a full flavour smack in the face.

I had a chicken, pesto & salad sandwich for lunch yesterday…knocked my sandwiches socks off. I might even make a cheese pesto one tomorrow to see how that is!

Any particularly yummy pesto sandwiches you have tried?


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