Dealing with Disaster

We have all had personal disasters occur in our lives. If you haven’t had one yet, fear whole heartedly that you have a few to come, be it a relationship falling to pieces in your hands or a losing a loved one, these personal disasters strike and we are left in turmoil.

And yet, we are all capable of something amazing, and that is our ability to cope.

I’ve recognised my own ways of coping. Not saying my life is full of hellishness, I haven’t had an overly ample opportunity. I have an average amount of aggravation. But I have been made aware of myself due to the line of work I am in and the damaged young people I work with.

After receiving bad news today, I felt my body react in a familiar way. In a predictable fashion, feeling the symptoms that I had felt before when utter chaos had befallen my life. Using that information, I could react accordingly.

I put the kettle on.

How do I cope? I turn to tea. Gallons and gallons of the stuff. I would drink it from a bucket if I could lift said bucket to my face. I tend to shut down, I don’t want to eat, and I tend not to sleep. So tea keeps me tethered. Tea, Tissues and T.V.

I need to tea it out. Get it (whatever it is) out of my system and replace it with tea. Tea is all the comfort of everywhere. Tea makes you feel at home even you are in a different and strange country. Tea is familiar. Tea is constant. Tea was here before me, and it shall carry on after.

During my first serious break up, Harry Potter was my weapon of choice, to battle against the onslaught. I watched films 1 -4 over and over and over, fuelled by Earl Grey, until I could finally fall asleep to Daniel Radcliffe and the gang frolicking around in one book or another.

Another disaster was sated by the Twilight novels, read again and again and again, once more fuelled by the Earl (who is my tea provider of choice) till I was sick of the sight of them.

I am very lucky to have P. He is being very supportive. Although, it is seriously freaking him out that my diet currently consists of tea and trash on telly, as he is used to me stuffing my face full of cake and other assorted yummies, and documentaries are usually my cooking-the-dinner fodder He is frustrated that I can’t even be tempted by a truffle. Yet he has put on Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (my all-time comfort film), and he is letting meΒ  quote it all the way through (as much as that irritates him), and he is letting me drink tea from the huge pint and a half mug (which is his).

I guess what I am trying to say is that I am still amazed that tried and tested coping methods can evolve. Tea, Tissues, T.V and Him Indoors.

Perhaps the quickest and easiest way through a personal disaster is to share it with someone else……and then at least it’s not always your turn to put the kettle on.


5 responses to “Dealing with Disaster

  1. Hi ShinyP, hope you’re feeling better today πŸ™‚

    • Thank you. On the road to recovery. The kids today at work were wonderful, as soon as they realised I’d had bad news they were on their best behaviour with me all day. πŸ™‚

  2. Good luck with recovery. Go out, breathe fresh air. Do a kind act for someone else. Look forward to spring. This too will pass.

  3. Sorry to hear your going through a rough time! Keep chugging the tea and stay strong! As said above, this too shall pass.

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