Piles, Stacks & Show Week Ignorance

There is no business like Show Business!

I studied Performing Arts for 3 years at University, before heading to London to scour the big smoke for acting jobs,  before jacking it in after a couple of years when I discovered that I loved working with children & young people. Yet, the term ‘Show Week’ is still in use in my vocabulary.

‘Show Week’ is exactly that, the week  when you’ll be performing 2 shows on the Thursday, Friday & Saturday, meaning that you were in dress runs, technical rehearsals and last-minute tweaking rehearsals starting from the previous Sunday.

In these weeks my flat  and my diet became a mess. No time to eat, barely time to sleep, most of your day spent in a windowless, black painted abyss, heated by lights. I used to have ‘Show Week’ jeans, that were full of holes and covered in permanent pen, but were so utterly comfortable that wearing them was comparable to pyjamas. The beanie hat became a day-to-day fixture to hide my unbrushed hair, still holding the backcombing from the previous day’s dress run.

Last week, due to work, our flat looked like my uni accommodation during the dreaded ‘Show Week’.

Clothes on the airer, dried 2 days ago, stood hanging waiting for folding. Meals were quick and painful. P actually had to cook for himself 3 days running, imagine the outrage! All my chores were abandoned for a week…..

‘Show Week’ may be over, but the repercussions are still being felt….. washing to be done, boyfriend to be nagged and then sated, family and friends to catch up with, floors to be mopped, stuff to be dusted, plants to be revived….

Time for the ‘Show Week’ jeans…..


One response to “Piles, Stacks & Show Week Ignorance

  1. I love a list! Might borrow this one!

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