Being my own Pigeon

I have just watched the cutest video of a little girl doing her daily affirmations on from the Freshly Pressed page, and it has just inspired me to write my top ten favourite things about my life.

Sanity is overrated

10 – My House

I love where I live. I love that it is weird and full of our collected junk. I love the fact that our living room randomly has lots of elephants in it, elephants aren’t even my favourite animal…..I don’t even think I have a favourite animal…maybe it is an elephant. I love that we took so long choosing our furniture, that it is perfect for us and how we live. I even love our weird night storage heating.

9- My Bed.

Well, it’s not really mine. It’s P’s. But it’s just so cosy. And I love cosy…cosy is WONDERFUL!

8- My Obsessive Tendencies

As much as they are a bane in my life (yes, I did have a serious emotional meltdown when P had the living room door shut, because it made the room feel wrong), they make me who I am.

7- To-Do Lists

A branch of my obsessiveness. Making lists is calming for me. It means that I have taken a step towards sorting out any problems I have to face and making them manageable. Lists keep me sane and make me happy.

6- My Clothes

I challenge the perceptions of the teens I work with. Several of them have told me that they have never met anyone who dresses like me. I’m not outlandish, I don’t have green hair. I just dress for me, I dress for comfort and warmth and to feel good about myself. And I love the clothes I wear.

5- My Job

I get 100% job satisfaction. I know everyday I have made an impact on someone elses life for the better.


I adore food. I adore eating. I love being in my kitchen and creating things for others to eat. I feel most like myself when I’m stirring a pot of something or eating a pot of something!

3- My Friends

All I have to do is think of my friends and a stupid grin sits on my face. They are there when I need them, for tears, for laughter, for comfort and support. They are a wonderful group of people, and I am lucky to be their Pigeon

2- My Family

Completely insane, completely dysfunctional, and totally in my corner. Full of love, support, despite all needing to be in some kind of asylum. They have made me the rounded person I am today.

1- P

Stubborn, idiotic, childish, and practically perfect for me in every way.


2 responses to “Being my own Pigeon

  1. I completely agree about the calming effect of lists – though I have a tendency to get no further than writing the list! I’d like to hear more about the clothes… Anne

    • One thing that my housemate in London told me, is that I’m never boring with my clothes. One day I’ll be in a blazer and skinny jeans with glittery pumps, the next in a brightly coloured kids t-shirt, jersey mini skirt and leggings with biker boots. He said it must have been great for the other commuters on the tube everyday trying to work out where I worked, seeing me in such differing outfits each day.
      It’s harder to dress for work now, as I need to wear things with pockets (which cancels out most of my skirt/dresses) for my keys, but the kids love my array of odd cardigans (I have a black one covered in white skulls, and one that looks like it’s made out of 1970’s carpet)!

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