Brownies beware

I love brownies. Who doesn’t. I don’t mean 8 year old girls in cullotes and sashs, trying to earn badges. I mean chocolatey, gooey wonderful tid-bits that make men fall in love with you, and women envy your cooking skills.

Nigella suggests using throw-away foil trays, but my inner recycling fairy is not so keen.

But look what I found in my local Sainsburys! A high-sided, square ‘perfect for brownies’ silicone tray.


Brownie’s beware….you are next on my baking list!


5 responses to “Brownies beware

  1. My daughter recommended these to me, otherwise I’d never have believed they would not MELT in the oven. But they don’t… AA

  2. I have one of those! And I have 2 boxes of brownie mix…guess who’s making brownies this weekend?

  3. Made brownies by the box….Betty Crocker is my hero.

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