3 weddings and a wardrobe funeral

I got confused when they said wear a fancy dress....

Facebook killed my wardrobe.

It’s a bold statement. But I’m putting it out there. Facebook has murdered my wardrobe.

(The number above was already dead and buried before FB came along, but it was a hangover day, and I drag it from its knitted grave for comfort)

I have 3 weddings to go to this summer, and before Facebook, I could have bought one very expensive frock and worn it to all 3, and only P and my inner fashion pixie would have known. Three weddings, only linked by me, none of the guests overlapping….perfect for a one dress dash. However, Facebook has ruined my ingenious and thrifty plan.

I could be less shallow about it all and do a one dress dash anyway, but dammit, I wouldn’t want to be a bride and think that my guests have made no effort. Because don’t forget, the bride and groom to ALL 3 weddings will be able to see my pictures. The joy of Facebook.

And it’s not like I have the SPACE to buy more dresses……My boyfriend stole my wardrobe!

Ok, I gave up my wardrobe space when I moved in with P.

The dresses now live in a drawer under the bed. I know…..gasp……..ridicule…..and general tutting in my direction. It was a mercy move from the wardrobe….it saved hours of ironing P’s t-shirts.

I know…… gasp….. my friend, Miss LP, was so disgusted with me that she began a torrent of woe about how my dresses should be stored, in dustbags, in a temperature controlled room, with little eskimo ninjas guarding the entrance.

To be honest, they are lucky to have their own drawer.

I need to have a search through the frock abyss to actually find something to wear for these occasions. Seeing as I definitely can’t afford to buy 3 new fabby dresses. I feel some DIY is in order.

Cue a big pair of scissors, my sewing machine, and a trip to Primarni!

Wish me luck…..


4 responses to “3 weddings and a wardrobe funeral

  1. There’s somed poem that asks of a potential bride, Can she sew cushions? Well, our question of any boyfriend was, Can he build wardrobes…. 3 essentials girl has to have: bathroom with door that closes; own desk; own wardrobe!! (Not necessarily in that order.)

  2. 😀 – luckily mine can – but I doubt we’ll be able to move it to a new place…..it’ solid!

  3. Hehe, I was just on about this the other day! How noone would ever know except for photos on FB! How bizzare xxx

  4. It sucks! Facebook is the devil…but it tastes soooo gooood.

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