eBay: Hear me ROAR!

I'm going where eBay can't find me....

Is it just me or are some people seriously out to get you on eBay?

I’m the considerate eBayer – send my parcels out as quick as I can, I leave prompt honest feedback to sellers and buyers, I send follow-up emails to ensure parcels have been received when no feedback appears, and if I have a problem with an item, I contact the buyer, and go through all channels before leaving that negative feedback stain.

For those not adept at eBay, and have no idea about the stain of  negative feedback, it’s a good ole’ stain that stays for 12 months. It can be regurgitated even years after that, affecting how other buyers and sellers may see you. Feedback can’t be retracted once it’s posted either….

And that is great. There are plenty of scumbags out there who get bad feedback from fellow eBayers, and it means that the rest of us avoid them with a capital A.

I think I’ve given 3 negative feedbacks in my 6 years on eBay. That is mainly because I think they are serious, and because I have the common decency to contact the seller and confront them about an issue. Give them a chance to explain themselves, apologise, send a replacement or give me a refund.

What I don’t do, is whack a big old RED MINUS comment on that seller,  without communcation, which will then affect them for the next YEAR and which can’t even be retracted, even if they do try to fix the problem.

As you can probably guess from my little rant, this has happened to me in the past 12 hours.

Only received approximately 20 pieces, and it said 100. Vert disappointed.

The item in question was some paper punched blue feet, confetti like, 100 pieces. And I know I bag 100, as I punch and bag them by hand. I sometimes throw in a few more just to be sure. (And no, it’s not my typo…the feedback said vert)

I replied with a concerned email –
Was a little confused about why you only received roughly 20 feet, as I count in 100 by hand.
Has the bag ripped at all? Or been damaged in the post?
It is 100 single feet, and not 100 pairs, just to clarify.
I’m sorry you were unhappy with your purchase.

I could understand it if I had received an email or two that I had ignored, if said fellow eBayer had tried to contact me and I’d just gone…..’Pffffft whatever’.

And even if I had sent her a quarter filled bag by accident (so highly doubtful, I can see pigs skipping past my second floor window), I would feel awful, and refund her money or send a replacement.

I’m that kind of girl! Honestly! I like to be happy with the things I buy, so I extend the same courtesy to my buyers, I want them to be happy.

I guess I’m most angry about the way this buyer has judged me as a person. I’m not a person worth emailing to try to fix an issue, I’ll just be difficult and cause trouble. I won’t refund her money or offer to send a replacement. Oh, even though I’ve given good feedback when I posted it saying how prompt my fellow eBayer was at paying…..oh  but stuff it, I’m obviously a bad person.

What also bothers me, is why I care about this so much………….closes laptop and stomps off to find P to remind her that she is an amazing person, even though people on eBay hate her.


3 responses to “eBay: Hear me ROAR!

  1. This is clearly very annoying, but I think probably more reflects the buyer’s view on life – negative, grudging, spiteful – rather than anything to do with you. Is there a black-listed BUYER section? AA

  2. Hang in there ShineyP! This just happened to me as well on Etsy! It was my first sale on the site as well 😦

    It was a pair of vintage pale pink milk glass. Which…it strong, I think you would literally have to hurl it off your roof onto concrete to get it to break! But I packaged it up tightly in the box where they wouldn’t jiggle around, wrapped them up, padded them down. I mean they were snug as a bug in that box!

    Three days later I get an email saying they were broken and the buyer was very disappointed. That is all, she wanted to know if I have insurance on the purchase. My shop policy clearly defines that I do not offer insurance. I asked her to mail them back to me at her charge and I would refund the item to her. I never got a response back.

    I think she was just a scammer who wanted the pieces and her money back 😦
    I was so frustrated that I closed my shop down.

    So, hang in there..I agree the person is just spiteful..or maybe they just cant count! HA HA!

    – Crazy A

  3. AA – She has bought another item from me that I am yet to post, and I have emailed her asking her if she wants me to send it on or refund her.

    Crazy A – I can’t believe you shut up shop! 😦 There are some scammers out there, just recently I had to send two packs of confetti off to this one person because they both got ‘lost’ in the post, and then I ended up refunding.
    There are some gems out there though. Some people who are lovely and then buy from you a lot, which is nice.
    Don’t give up hope completely! x

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