Doing the ‘Swedish Chef’

When we decided to live together, P and I were quite strict in dividing up household chores. I worried that I would end up doing everything and then become passively (or not so passively) aggressive towards P.

But P has been true to our agreement, and as well as taking out the bins, weilding the hoover and building furniture, he does all the washing up.

He refers to the state that I leave the kitchen in, after baking or creating an elaborate meal, after  the antics of one of my favourite muppet characters.

I’m not sure I’m as bad, but I do love the Swedish Chef. Bork bork bork.


8 responses to “Doing the ‘Swedish Chef’

  1. This is great! Thanks for making me laugh so hard 🙂

  2. Haha, my husband would say EXAXCTLY the same thing about me. He just doesn’t understand that you have to use the right tools for the job!

  3. That would be EXACTLY!

  4. 😀
    He asks for the cakes…he needs to deal with the washing up that makes. i think he is going to totally get me a dishwasher when we buy a place!

  5. I have this argument with Liz every time I cook something a bit ambitious, and I get very deflated after I’ve slaved over something and she picks the bit of herb off the top, looks at the surfaces and goes “Couldn’t you have tidied up as you were going along?”

    NO, WOMAN, I’M CREATING ART!!!!!111111oneoneone

  6. Rob – I just nearly choked with laughter on some toast.
    I think P is actually dreading it when we have a bigger kitchen…the mess will spread further… bork bork bork.
    Revel in your Swedish Chefness!

  7. Excellent site! much success to you 🙂

  8. agreed! nice way of puttin’ it man

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