Sisters from other Misters

The Ladies in my Life

I grew up as a daughter amongst sons. Meaning that I am proficient in many tasks such as; hiding my expensive/favourite make-up, nail polishes and shoes, record time nappy changing, cleaning and dressing wounds whilst dressed in fancy dress,  and carrying 5 year old children whilst wearing in 5 inch heels (Me, not them).

I never wanted a sister. Someone who would steal my spotlight, and my faux fur gilet. It just didn’t appeal. At least arguing with brothers, you can just punch them and its over. No snide comments, no sneaky revenges, and no perfect hair days whilst mine resembles a bird nest. I can deal without the competition, thank you very much. I am perfectly happy being the only amazing daughter that my parents are glad they have ever had.

After sailing through school, skipping from one friendship group to another, dipping my toes in all of the comrade pools, I left education without ever having a best friend.

I wasn’t overly bothered, I just assumed that I wasn’t ‘one of those’ people who had a best friend. I didn’t have a girl loitering at my parents house, eating all our food and being in my face, whilst my family dealt with itself on a daily basis. And to be honest….who would have dealt with that?! Honestly, excluding P, whose skills at coping are to be applauded, outsiders don’t seem to survive well within our family bosom…. I think it’s the smell.

It wasn’t till last year, I realised I had a best friend. Well…not one…I don’t do things by halves. I have 4.

I met LB, LP & BC in 2005. I was 17. So were they. We weren’t particularly all close at college, but it was a time that events shaped how our friendships would evolve.

I met LH in 2006, through LB, but it wasn’t till 2010 that LH really started rocking our entire world.

My BF’s are amazing, especially after some of the things they have been put through, by others, and sometimes by me. I am very grateful that they love me. They make my days brighter, my laughs harder and my face more pretty.  I would like to share how amazing they are, by giving examples.

LB – I was living in London, and I received contact from an ex who I had a highly emotional break up from. My flatmate was out, I was alone and freaking out with feelings. Thank God for LB and Windows MSN. She coached me through the drama, via internet connection. Not something every friend is capable of doing.

She gives the best advice, wears the most gorgeous shoes and has legs to rival my own.

LP– I did something awful this amazing lady. I violated her trust and our friendship when we were starting out, and in proof of how beautiful and fantastic she is, she forgave me.

Our friendship hasn’t always been the easiest, but as we’ve gotten older, our bonds have gotten stronger. Her wardrobe spans rooms, her make-up tips have been a god-send and she also puts balsamic glaze on pizza….so she is basically a genius.

BCThis lady is beyond epic. Although terrified of all naked female flesh (something we as a group are trying to adjust her to), BC is the sexiest woman I have ever met in the flesh. She aspires me to greatness.

Her hair is utterly fabulous. Honestly…I have bird nest hair EVERY time I am with BC…..every single time….dammit.

LHLH came into my life a lot later than the other ladies, but she is valued just as highly. She makes me feel grown-up and 6 years old all at the same time. She’ll text for cooking advice, or to send me a picture of her latest cake, knowing I’ll be thrilled for her.

She’ll also laugh at my food based lyrics, my choice of children’s names and any face I decide to pull at her in a 6 year old moment.

I also cannot forget our Rooster, our cockerel amongst hens. What would a choir be without a bass? He is a truly patient fellow to put up with us and our mocking, although he’s getting pretty damn good at dishing it back. (Note to self…must put a stop to this.)

I now live 2 hours drive from my ladies. Not far in some respects, I know others live across continents, but far enough to feel the dig of not being able to pop over for a cuppa and a chinwag, in the flesh. I miss them a lot.

Tribute over – so now when are you girls getting your arses here with cocktails?


4 responses to “Sisters from other Misters

  1. Love it! I am on only child 😦 and have always had a group of close “girl friends”, they are fabulous!

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