15 minutes of shame…

With Anna Paquin’s perfect pins haunting my dreams, I have decided to up my exercise regime and begin cycling with P weekly. It is also something on my Pigeon List that I have been intending to do, but I don’t think it can be crossed off until I do at least 4 weeks in a row.

P has been cycling since before we got together. He actually spent two weeks cycling around France as a holiday and he used to cycle from Bath to Horsham (122 miles) just to avoid the train fare….and I am totally not expecting to be able to that anytime soon.

P's smooth runner

I cycled a lot as a kid. We lived in a village and there wasn’t really anything else to do apart from head out on the bikes and race about. But from the age of 12, I unceremoniously dumped my bicycle for books, music and lazing around.

Three years later I go to retrieve my bicycle from the shed, only to find it missing. I instantly assumed it had wheeled itself off in disgust at the lack of love I had shown it. Yet 20 minutes later, I discover that my younger brother had cut it to bits with a hacksaw so he could use it for parts. In true big sister fashion, I promptly told, and he was grounded for a week.

My bike was never replaced. So for years and years I’ve been contemplating buying a new one. A cheap and easy green method of getting around. Then I learnt to drive, and cycling seemed ridiculously slow and took serious physical effort. BORING. Until P. (And then later Anna Paquin.)

Cycling is something P really enjoys. Lucky for him (and me) he has some hardcore cycling buddies, and they are gone for hours and hours cycling here, there and everywhere. As someone who last cycled 2 years ago, on my mothers bicycle, to pop to the shops for some milk, I warned him, that his patience would be required.

So in true magpie style, I hijacked my mother’s bike this weekend, strapped it to the top of the car and drove home with it. (It’s a 2 hour drive…I can totally get away with not riding it that distance!)

It needed a little TLC – after all…I was the last one to ride it…two years ago….. (Mother likes exercise as much as I do.) Thankfully, P is also a whizz at bike fixing and sorting out!

Hunk & Junk

After a bit of a wobbly start, my balance not being what it used to be, we headed out and about in the suburbs of our town.

It was great…for the first 5 minutes. When we hit a hill.

What followed was 10 more minutes of me wheezing and crying at my lack of cardiovascular ability.

15 minutes. I cycled for all of 15 minutes before I pleaded to head back to the garage. Pitiful.

Totally looking forward to next week………………….. hmmmmmm


3 responses to “15 minutes of shame…

  1. I live in a small town and do infrequent rides on my bike. I think it does need a trip to get air in the tires once more. Hills are the worse.

  2. Went out again this afternoon after work, managed another 15 minutes, with less heavy breathing and death. Phew

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