A Mug of Rabbit Basil

On our weekly food shopping trip to our local supermarket, nestled amongst his chocolate counterparts and numerous eggs, sat our new little companion.

P had to have him, despite already having a cupboard full to bursting of tea receptacles. I had already hatched an idea for this little bunny mug.

Using my craft drill, I bore a cheeky little drainage hole. I then filled it full of soil and sowed some basil seeds.

So now we have the perfect pot for a windowsill herb…I may have to make a few more out of other surplus mugs!

First shoots

Growing on...


3 responses to “A Mug of Rabbit Basil

  1. Now THAT is the cutest cup/pot possible! Thank you for commenting on my recent FP post … I enjoyed what you wrote there .. and here!

    Cheers, MJ

  2. Thanks guys. Since then I have planted two more mugs (a creme egg one and a stripey one) with my remaining basil seeds. Going to give them away as gifts for birthdays coming up in a few months.

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