Rag and Roll

I have squares and swatches of fabric shoved in drawers all over our flat. Actually, they are flowing out of said drawers and creeping into every corner available.

I remembered on my trawl through some crafting sites about plaited rag rugs, and then recalled my paternal grandmother having something similar in her bathroom. I was spurred on!

A Splash of Lime rug by Uptown Jane @ Etsy.com

My rags were all shapes, sizes and from lots of sources, including pajamas, tea towels, old undies, machine pinked t-shirts and scraps from other projects. I cut a few into strips, even cutting around and around inside small squares to make long strips.

I plaited quickly, and managed to get a good old length. You need a lot more than you think, and the one I completed yesterday will be added to so it is the right size to put a hot dish on.

My efforts

A Bird's Eye View

I really enjoyed making this, and I think I’ll make a few, all in different sizes. Maybe one day I’ll make an actual rug!


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