A Snug for Libby-Mae

Libby-Mae is the daughter of one of my best friends, LH. She has just turned two, and her favourite game to play with me is to shove biscuits in my mouth…a game I adore of course.

Seeing as we steal her mummy for nights out and time away, I thought I’d make Libby-Mae a snug for her christmas pressie.  A christmas present already?! I know, I hear you gasp…but I am saving for a house deposit you know, so all presents this year for christmas are having to be made or budgeted for, so the crafty-ness has begun early.

A snug is a mix of a hug and a squeeze, and I wanted something that LH could spray her perfume on, so Libby-Mae could still have her mummy even if she was out dancing and glamming it up or at work.

I used an entire ball of fleece wool and knitted it using the basic knit one row, purl one row, knit one row, purl one row method.

I then machine stitched 4 inch widths of fleece fabric around the edges.

It’s not perfect, but it is the FIRST knitting project I have ever finished! So not only have a I made a gift for a lovely little girl, I have crossed something off my PigeonList!



6 responses to “A Snug for Libby-Mae

  1. As much as I hate the cold it it NEVER too early to start on Christmas presents or decor! I snagged three stockings at the thrift store this weekend…each for 29 cents! WOOHOO!

    The snug is awesome SP!

  2. Thank you Lee! And well done! I love a good bargain!
    I made some stockings for my brothers a few years ago, and they always get dragged out every year to be refilled.
    Its a lovely tradition.

  3. A Christmas stocking is extra fun because you don t have to match it to its pair.

  4. It looks lovely and snuuuuuuggly

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