What I Wore: Rocking the Albino Wookie

Thanks to my height, I’m generally noticeable in a crowd. Instead of shying away from it, I have accepted it as a part of who I am. It means I can be seen at the bar. It means on a night out, in my heels, men look up at me in awe. It means I can spot my girls across a crowded room/shop/club. It means I don’t get stepped on, I get a little extra wiggle room in a crowd.

It also means that my outfits shine out quite brightly, and none more so than my more outlandish wardrobe choices.

This includes my fabulous (and I’m totally within the luvvie realms to say fahhh-bulous) faux fur gilet.

Bought for £10…oh yes, you read it right….£10 reduced from £80 on a sale rail in dear old Topshop.

Others had shied away from such a loud and large purchase. But not me..it was perfect for a large and loud lady.

I brought it home, so excited with my purchase, but dreading having to show P. He was already tutting about the amount of coats/jackets/wraps I own.

As soon as I strutted in the living room, flicking my hair like a supermodel, wrapped in genuine muppet fur, he burst out laughing. ‘You look like a wookie!’

Most girlfriends would have been offended, but he was genuinely quite excited. He loved it so much that he put it on for a twirl about the flat. I unfortunately wasn’t quick enough to snap a picture.

I totally rocked it to work today, its first official outing, despite it being May and quite warm. I knew that the kids would love it.  ‘It’s like hugging a Polar Bear!’ ‘You look like a Yeti!’ They loved being able to try something a bit crazy on and out of their comfort clothing zone. Not only that, they got to see how easy it is to be confident, even though everyone has something to say about what you are wearing. Something that I know a lot of young people struggle with.

I can’t wait till I can wear my VERY bizarre wellies into work!


4 responses to “What I Wore: Rocking the Albino Wookie

  1. THIS is fahhhhbulous! I love it. And you can rock it like us short girls could not. Absolutely fabulous find!

  2. Thanks Anne!
    My girls all ooohed and aaaahed at it, but all admitted I was probably the only one able to pull it off!
    It is so far my best purchase of 2011!

  3. Someday I’ll have to post a pic of my bright yellow pea coat on my blog. When I wear it, I tell everyone I’m channeling the Gorton’s fisherman… (this could be an American thing, but if you Google it, you’ll see what I mean — it’s just a guy in a yellow rain slicker)

    I believe we tall girls look even more like we’re in costume when wearing a statement piece — because it’s that much more noticeable!

    But you probably know what I’m going to say: Keep rockin’ it. I know I will…

    LOVE the Muppet-inspired yeti vest. You look awesome! 🙂

  4. 😀 Thanks Mikalee!
    I look forward to the Yellow Pea Coat! I love slightly out there clothing. I went shopping yesterday and sighed at all the girls who looked the same….BORING.

    I’m lucky to have a few tall girlfriends, we do tend to dominate a room when we enter in our heels!
    I also love making the kids at work say…’Ooooooo’.

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