London to Brighton 2011 Mini Run Fun

This weekend I was whisked off by P and some of our friends up to Crystal Palace Park to take part in the London to Brighton Mini Run 2011.

With over 2,100 official runners, and hundreds more of unofficial, this is one of the biggest collections of mini’s. Classics, variants and new BMW’s all take part, and the atmosphere is one of a huge festival, minus the live performing acts, but there is plenty of music blaring from open car doors.

Our very own mini adventure began on Saturday morning, when we arrived at the Woods’ residence. We entered to the scene below.

The Coolbox

The coolbox was the important factor for the boys. It was loaded and unloaded even before the tents. Full to the brim of lager, cider, my gin and buckets of ice, the cooler perched next to me in the backseat of the BMW mini, sliding onto me and crushing me at every right turn.

Once parked up at Crystal Park Palace, much fun occurred…including P and I getting our tent up and pegged, quicker than our friends who had brought a pop up one! Also much was emptied from the coolbox, which doubled as a seat and picnic table.

This particular mini had been shortened and I couldn’t resist laying down to have a picture. I managed to draw a small crowd. The owner even took a picture!

These guys had come from France! France to Brighton…via London.

These guys tucked their mini up for the night, not satisfied it wouldn’t rain.

Of course, there were those who had pimped their rides…..

Cooler emptying and much merriment carried on till the early hours, when we all crawled into our tents, away from the low temperatures.

We awoke at 4.30 am, to the sound of those (who stupidly didn’t move their cars the night before) getting into the line-up ready to exit the park.

Finally at 7, we packed up our tents. I watched one couple literally walk away from their tent at 5 am. Carrying pillows, and a small bag each, they pretty much ran away from a pop-up tent, trying not to look guilty as they abandoned it.

This jellybean patterned pop up tent now has a new home. I wasn’t going to see £40 worth of tent get left in a field! It had all the pegs, guide ropes and bag with it. Honestly, some people are mental.

At 8.30, cars packed, we sat in line ready to leave London, and head to Brighton!

Our three Musketeers!

Such a good weekend out. Granted P and I have very burnt faces from the unpredicatable cloud cover on Sunday, but totally worth it. Good times.

(All pictures by P)


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