Sunday Saviours #1

Another new addition to the blog….Sunday Saviours is going to be all about those things that have kept me going in the week previous, and will hopefully keep you going in the following!

So, let’s not beat around the bush…let’s attack it with a set of shears! Click on the headers to find out what the fuss is all about!

The Adventures of Superbaby

Created by a New Zealand couple right here on WordPress, The Adventures of Superbaby, makes me laugh, gape and coo all at the same time. This is a reason to have children.

Vegetarian Marshmallows

Attempting to get my manager to OK a staff camping trip…..and trying to get him to attend….I tried to sway him with marshmallows round the fire. Being vegetarian, he thought he was unable to enjoy that sticky gooey love that is a warm marshmallow on a stick! I proved him wrong!

Nigella Lawson on the web…..Uh-mazing! Say no more.

A Lego a Day

This guy is a genius. This keeps P very very happy…and makes me very scared at what he is going to do in his cave…where his lego lives…yup…a 25 year old with a box of lego…and no children. Sexy no?

Snorg Tees

If you aren’t already a fan…get on it. There are some cool t-shirts that I just NEED for work! Roll on Payday!

Cake Wrecks

My very good friend, SK, bought me the book of this blog for Christmas last year. Hilarious for all you cake makers, bakers and kitchen junkies.

The Customer is Not Always Right

Tidbits from those working with the general public….highly amusing.


6 responses to “Sunday Saviours #1

  1. hee hee! coo! agoo! gape! : )

  2. Sounds like quite a few of us are having tough weeks. Hang on in there girl, other people you don’t even know are thinking about you! Anne

  3. šŸ˜€ – Thanks Anne. I needed that! x

  4. Can I just applaude your shameless boss-manipulation via vegetarian-exploitative means? Well, WELL done! You’re brilliant!

    (Did it work, btw?)

    • šŸ˜€
      He is slowly being worn down through a mixture of displays of my vegetarian BBQ food and nagging!
      I think we’ll have to keep quiet about the portaloos, or he’ll run a mile!

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