Thrifty Find: Spitalfields Market Edition

I was up with the dawn chorus last Sunday. I literally slapped on some make-up and bundled myself onto a train with my eyes still closed.

I was enroute London Waterloo to meet my one of my fahhhhhbulous besties, Miss Laurenalice, who has just started blogging at My Life, The Universe and My Shoes.

She swanned into the station looking frickin’ gorgeous as usual, and we whisked ourselves onto the tube and headed for Liverpool Street.

Despite my slight obsession with wearing things made before I was born, I had never frequented the vintage wonderland that is Brick Lane and Old Spitalfields Market.

We had an amazing breakfast at The Luxe, one of MasterChef’s John Torode restaurants. When I’m out at these places, I like to pretend I’m one of those really cool people who go out for breakfast regularly, by acting and looking super trendy….when in actual fact, a sunday is more often than not spent shoving Peanut Butter on toast down my gullet, whilst wearing PJs.

Mind you, we had the best breakfast butties. LA devoured a Sausage & Egg doorstep, with a side of ‘freshly plucked from the plant and drowned in water’ mint tea, whilst I glugged Earl Grey and chowed down on a Bacon & Egg sandwich obviously meant for the gods and not little old me!

After fuelling up and general ‘I’m here all the time’ posing, we hit the vintage shops.

There is nothing I like more than a good old trawl through rails and baskets, trying to find that perfect cast out piece to give a loving home, alongside all the other bits I’ve nicked from the wardrobes of Mother, Father and Grandmother.

I lucked out and managed to grab the most amazing scarf before Miss LaurenAlice. Please excuse my VERY tired face below!

The scarf is about the size of a tablecloth and now…come to think of it…it probably is a tablecloth.  (Have just put it on the table, and very nice it looks too!)

I cannot wait to wrap it round myself whilst travelling via plane/car/train/ferry/elephant/sedan chair…is it a scarf or a blanket? Answers on a postcard please!

Miss L finally dragged me out of a box of handbags in Absolute Vintage, and led me swiftly by the elbow to some of the most amazing jewellery stalls. We are suckers for anything sparkly, and I was able to leave with just two pairs of earrings. (The 12 step program is working…)

I often wear odd ‘piece’ earrings, such as a pair of scissors and a button, or a button and a cotton reel, or a skull and a rose. That is what I shall be doing with the beautiful teeny tiny teapot and glass below.

I also got the cutest summer prom dress from a lovely little stall (see my Sunday Saviours #2 for their website) in the main market. The lining however is slightly tight on my thunderous thighs, so a little trip to the haberdashery will be required before perfection will be achieved.

The dress fabric made me want to lay on my back and play with yarn….

Teamed with some tan accessories, this is going to be worn to a friends upcoming nuptials.

I also purchased quite a lot for P’s birthday….but no mentions here – I know you read this you cheeky git! He’ll have to wait the 9 WEEKS till the big day.

Finally after eating our own weight in noodles and wandering around for another hour, our sweaty hands gripping our purchases and fumbling for our purses, we headed back to Liverpool Street, and ended our magical day of foraging.

I do have to throw in one final photo…

I’ll swap you all the bananas for plums and red grapes.


7 responses to “Thrifty Find: Spitalfields Market Edition

  1. Looks like a wonderful time. I am especially envious of that bacon and egg sandwich…

  2. I can’t tell you how jealous I am that you vintage shop on Liverpool Street! I have never even been to London (but if I DO get there: should we meet up for a pint? A “Smithwick’s” or what to Londoners even drink?!) so I will live vicariously through you, my favorite stylish Brit 🙂

    I love your oversized scarf, btw. Your style is fierce and I love it!

    • If you are ever in London Anne, count me in for a drink. (mine will be a G&T!) 😀
      London is great, but I shall be doing a trawl around the Brighton Laines soon with Miss LP (taking her round my patch!) and hitting up the flea market down there. I already have my mind set on about a hundred furniture things I need for the house I’m yet to own!
      Thank you for the wonderful words….you’ve plastered a smile right across my Brit mug


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  4. Who was this A MAZE ING lady who took you to all these wonderful places. She truly must be a genius!

  5. Indeed she bloomin’ is!

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