Sunday Saviours #2

The second installment of Sunday Saviours – check out these beauties….hope they make you smile throughout your work week!

Kozyndan - makes me smile


I was introduced to Kozyndan whilst at Uni by my wonderful friend SarahKate – but I had forgotten it’s wonderful-ness until yesterday whilst looking at piccies on my laptop. P has a slight obsession with bunnies so I may be purchasing some art for our home.

Monkey in a Frock

One of my besties (yes, a silly term, but I adore it) mentioned this over the weekend and I cannot get enough of this lovely primate lady!


I was led to their stall in Spitalfields by my wonderful LP. I bought a beautiful dress in the fabric posted here. The dress will be up on the blog in it’s full a-line glory later, once I’ve christened it at a friends wedding.

Hotel Hilarity

The P’s brother posted this on Facebook this week. I cannot wait to go stay in a hotel again and get in on some of this action!

Magentic Make Up Board

Truly inspired idea from Laura Thoughts. I can totally see me making one of these when I have a bit more space in my home or as a gift for a friend!

Retro Kitchen Appliances

Is it wrong I want to rock the 50’s diner look?


I want EVERYTHING! Beautiful things in beautiful fabrics. Yummy!

Cool Maths Games

If like me, you work somewhere that has serious problems with letting you do ANYTHING on the internet – I can’t even access Facebook, Hotmail or WordPress – I find myself entertaining myself through my lunch hour with games we use as a treat in the classroom.

Hope this helps your week!


2 responses to “Sunday Saviours #2

  1. Why have I never thought of a magnetic makeup board?? However I fear I shall need a magnetic makeup WALL!

  2. I thought of you instantly when I saw it. I may create one for your christmas pressie!

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