Tales From The Fridge

He is....he is a fridge.

When I finished Uni and moved to The Big Smoke, I began narrating my life along with my housemate by using the letters on our fridge.

What followed was a year of hilarity and general nonsense.

I may have left London and my shared flat, but my fridge letters have come with me……..Danger!


4 responses to “Tales From The Fridge

  1. This is a great post to read in the early morning! It brought a smile to my face! Cheers!

  2. 😀
    I thought that Tales From the Fridge needed to come back into my life after a 2 year absence, mainly due to the fact that P has found the letters (they’ve been stuck on the bottom half of the fridge/freezer for nearly a year now…but hey ho) and we are easily entertained by such marlarky!

  3. Love the Magnets!

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