Pins and Needles

I spent most of Tuesday morning adding more fabric to the lining of a dress of mine. Not a laborious task, especially as I get to play with my sewing machine and dabble in my sewing kit.

I love these vintage tins that I procured from my grandmother’s sewing box.

I also love my shockingly lurid pin cushion. I made it at Brownies aged 8. I had given it to my Mum but I stole it back when I began sewing more regularly. I think it is important to have little things hold memories.

I must say, I think my pink Fiskars are the bee’s knees. They live in my sewing box, and woe betide ANYONE who uses them for paper!

Packed away all neat like! If only it stayed this way!


2 responses to “Pins and Needles

  1. I think I could look at sewing sundries all day.
    (Is that messed up or what?!)

  2. Nearly as messed up as me wanting to tidy my sewing box all day!

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