What I Wore – The Wiltshire Farm Wedding

As aforementioned in Sunday’s post, I spent the weekend in my home county of Wiltshire.  I was attending the most beautiful wedding of my friend Katie and her new husband, Rob.

As those who have read my blog before will know, I have 3 weddings to attend this summer, and this was number 2.

I’ll divulge a little more later in the week about the newlywed Crothers and their beautiful day once P has sorted through the hundreds of piccies he took.

Having been inspired by several gorgeous fashion blogs written by some very pretty ladies (whose faces are actually goddess like), I thought you’d give you a little looksie at what this pigeon wore to a wedding taking place in an old tractor barn, complete with 4 dogs and a parrot, followed by camping in the rain. 😀

  • Dress, Pumps, Headband, Belt (Primark- all bought about 2 years apart!)
  • Cardigan, Silver bracelet (Charity/Thrift shop)
  • Clutch (Vintage)
  • Heart necklace, earrings (Gifts from family)


5 responses to “What I Wore – The Wiltshire Farm Wedding

  1. Super cute… right down to your shoes 🙂 Cheers! MJ

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  3. This may sound weird lol but every single person at your wedding was beautiful!!

  4. Thankfully, we all scrubbed up nice! 🙂

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