Thrifty Find: Purple Shoes

Just had to share this gorgeous charity shop find! £5! ($8 to my American friends!)


I honestly squealed a bit when I viciously elbowed my way across the shop spotted them, then unashamedly begged the lady behind the counter to hold them for me as I ran to the bank to get some cash out!

Apologies for the not so fabulous photography – P is out at a stag do today and tonight (Yep…wedding 3 is looming) so he isn’t here to be my official piccie snapper, so it is just little’ ole me and a mirror…which now I realise was quite mucky! APOLOGIES!

ALSO…How hard is it to take decent pictures of your own shoes…whilst wearing them?! If women had to do this every day, there would be no place in the world for yoga….FACT.

I love how my tattoo peeks out of these bad boys!

Have you found anything fahhhhbulous on the cheap recently?!


8 responses to “Thrifty Find: Purple Shoes

  1. These are adorable! You are my kind of girl! The last picture is fantastic and I love the way your tattoo peeks out! Great job doing the photos yourself… I’d have fallen and snapped my neck had I tried to do such a thing!

    • I almost did! I managed a graceful face plant into the sofa. I can’t wait to have P back behind the camera!
      Off to clean that mucky mirror…tut tut tut at myself.

  2. Wow! The colour is gorgeous – especially with your green toenails. Seriously, perfect combination.

    x Michelle |

  3. Great shoes 🙂 and blog! Following you!

  4. Fab fab fab . . . you lucky girl! I wanna pair!

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