The Wiltshire Farm Wedding of Mr & Mrs Crothers

As mentioned here, I was invited to a beautiful wedding in my home county of Wiltshire.

I’ve known, the now Mrs Crothers, since she was born. And saying that makes me feel old. Thankfully, I was only 2 when she was born.

Our parents were fine friends, but after mine went their seperate ways and hers did similar, we haven’t met up as often as two girls who grew up together should have.

She had the grace to invite P and I to her wedding, to her wonderful man, Rob, who looked dashing in his military garb on the day.

Knowing only P (who knew only me), the mother of the bride and the bride herself, I quickly introduced myself to Rob at the church. I was greeted with a small smirk and a raised eyebrow at the mention of my name. Mentally, I was trying to think of any embarrassing stories that showed me in a bad light….then I remembered I was me, and that embarrassment was drilled out of me from a young age by my loud and yet loving parents. I was checking my reflection in a nearby vase, was my boob out? Well…the twins were on show…but it was demure. I was intrigued.

It wasn’t till later, when sat next to the groom at the reception (they did a wonderful thing of sitting everyone who only knew them (and no-one else!) at their table), that his new bride leant over to me and told me how she had told him who he was sitting next to at the reception.

“I showed him your Facebook profile picture…you know…the one with your corset on and your leg in the air…”


What an introduction eh? Did I need to now keep up the pretence of being glam and graceful? Obviously not! Could she not have mentioned this 5 hours ago?! 😀

All jesting aside, it was a beautiful day, and the reception in an emptied, pressure washed and then decorated tractor shed was amazing. I loved that even the family  and farm animals were involved. The 4 dogs nosing about, on the hunt for dropped sausages and begging for cake. The parrot brought over from the house in it’s cage as it was getting lonely. Even feeding the pigs became an event!

The best news of the evening for P & I was we only had 10 meteres to crawl to our tent in the next field, after sampling Muttley’s Cider and stuffing our faces with the Cheese wedding cake!

The Crothers are now in Germany (they moved 3 days after the wedding!) with their dog, Bracken. Wish them all the happiness in the world!


11 responses to “The Wiltshire Farm Wedding of Mr & Mrs Crothers

  1. How wonderful!!! There was a tent nearby?? Did all the guests camp out!?! AWESOME!!!

    • Not all the guests camped out, a hardy 12 or so of us did though. It was quite stormy (actual thunderstorm with serious rain and wind). The tents were pitched about a 30 second stagger from the tractor barn, which was greatly appreciated.
      However, the fact that out tent is in a bright ‘Jellybean’ print was not appreciated by my hangover the next morning. 😀

  2. Looks like a beautiful wedding! :]

  3. Wow, it looks like a lovely event! Your profile picture is hysterical!

  4. my favourite part is the fact that the cake is made out of cheese! A girl after my own heart

    • It was the most amazing cheese as well….and there was so much left over for the family to munch on for the next week or two!……I think P has put that on his ‘hypothetical’ wedding list!

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  6. I have just seen this blog of our wedding – makes me want it all over again. I actually found out that we should have had 20 people camping after, however, there were a total of 36 (not including family) who emerged from various areas of the farm the next morning from Grannies lounge, spare room, carious caravans, the tree house and even the fields. Argh, ’twas a fab do! xx

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