One Year in our Nest

P & I will have been together 2 years this coming September, but on Sunday we had another celebration. A year living together in our little flat. Our first grown up home.

P had never lived with a girlfriend before he moved in with me on that fatal day in 2010. And although this was my second time treading these particular boards, I was terrified he’d hate every second of sharing a space with me. I’m loud, crabby and have serious issues with lights being on and washing up not being done.

It’s not always been a bed of roses. These walls have seen bickering, tears, full-blown hissy fits, and sometimes P is here too! Thankfully, these wonky walls have also seen buckets of laughter and a lot of love.

Even though, against all odds, I packed my boxes and moved to a place where I knew nobody, I don’t regret a single day. Not one.

So in celebration of not killing each other this year, P took me to one of my favourite restaurants. The Harvester. It’s not posh. It’s not fancy. Does it do a rack of ribs as big as my head?….Yes it does.

And after a year of living together and nearly two years as a couple…P has realised I’m THAT sort of girl.


5 responses to “One Year in our Nest

  1. WOO HOO! You go girl!!! Maybe I should take the “fateful” jump too? hmm…ha ha

    p.s. those ribs look ah-mazing!

    • It’s gone so bloomin’ quickly…I can barely believe it.
      P’s friend once text him asking for advice on a nice romantic resturant to take a date…..P answered “I take her indoors anywhere with ribs….so Frankie & Benny’s?”
      ๐Ÿ˜€ Lah-dee-dah we ain’t.

  2. I love it! My boyfriend had to stop me from celebrating each month of us living together, but there is no excuse to not celebrate a year of it!

    • Why not celebrate each month, especially within that first year time when you are still adjusting. P puts up with a lot of nagging and whinging from me, as I put up with his boy habits, so getting through each month at the beginning is sort of a big deal! ๐Ÿ™‚

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