What I Wore – Working the Jeans

Unlike most of the beauteous goddesses who do ‘What I wore’ posts…I barely have time to scratch my rear before I have to run out to work in the morning, and with P still MIA in San Francisco…my point and click is getting optimum usage at 8.02 am before I make a mad dash for my car.

Please ignore my copious amounts of washing in the piccies below….what with my girls heading down this weekend, I wanted to get all our laundry done….so my flat is looking like a laundrette!

My job involves keys. Keys that I cannot wear around my neck on a nice pretty bit of ribbon as I would probably get garroted with it by my students. Keys that have to be attached to me at all times, by a chain (or rather fetching dog lead) through a belt loop, and then must be shoved into a pocket to remove the ‘grab’ temptation.

So frocks for work are out. As are my collections of pretty a-line skirts that I used as a TA in a primary school. I shy away from the mid-thigh shorts as I have to accompany them with thick tights or leggings due to working with teenage boys…..the same reason medium or low-cut tops are out…. I can only say ‘I’m up here’ so many times in a day.

So what is in….and in….and in….are my jeans.

I won’t lie. I love jeans. I’ve always lived in jeans. But now I don’t have any other options I can find them a bit tiring.

I made it my aim this week to get out of my regular ‘slogan tee & jeans’ combo at least once….and I managed it twice!

The 21st Century Land Girl

I’m boning up on my WW2 facts at the moment, as that is what I’m currently teaching whilst covering history. I love the era of the land girls. The girls who went from town and city to learn how to grow veggies, shear sheep and drive big tractors. This is my nod to them with my pinned hair and farm girl gilet!

  • Top – Dorothy Perkins
  • Zip up Hoodie, Headband – Primark
  • Puffa Gilet – Charity Shop
  • Jeans – New Look
  • Snow Boots – Decathlon
  • Earrings – Spitalfields Market

The Line Dancing Squaw

I did get a few ‘hey cowgirl’ comments from my colleagues today, but I love my 3rd hand (3rd hand is apparently the new 2nd hand) shirt and eBay booties!

  • Shirt – 3rd hand from a friend, who had bought it from a charity shop
  • Vest, Belt, Socks – Primark
  • Jeans – New Look
  • Fringe Boots – eBay

I actually enjoyed trying out something different with my jeans – any suggestions would be gladly received…and maybe I’ll try them out & post them up!


2 responses to “What I Wore – Working the Jeans

  1. Third hand is definitely the new second hand, amen to that! You look lovely! I know all too well about having no time to get ready in the mornings before work, its a shame when that happens, you look lovely anyway! 🙂

    • Thanks! I’m lucky we don’t have a dog yet…what with walks in the morning and whatnot…..I’ll have no time to button my shirts let alone take piccies!

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