Happy Father’s Day

Here is a picture of my wonderful Papa and his little Pigeon.

I’m so grateful to have such an amazing dad.  He has taught me many things, and I thought I’d share a few with you.

  • “Keep that – it’ll come in handy.” My dad barely throws anything away if he thinks a part or parts of it could be used. His garage is a magical land full of things from years ago that have been or are ready to be reused, rehashed or recycled. He is the original thrift warrior and has taught me all I know about preloved. 😀
  • “STOP SNIFFING!” – Woah betide you if you had a cold in our house. My dad hates sniffers. “Just blow your bloody nose!” That has taught me to consider how my tiny actions could really peeve others and to always carry tissues.
  • “Never eat yellow snow” – An oldie, but never a truer word spoken.
  • “Get on with it” – Though often said with exasperation and irritation, meant as support and love, my father has never doubted my abilities. He would rather I just ‘get on with it’ instead of dallying about and whingeing.

He also taught me everything about dressing like a rockstar….check out his jacket above! Love you Dad!


7 responses to “Happy Father’s Day

  1. I’ve been ill so haven’t been reading but now covering your recent blogs in one fell swoop, they’re so funny, encouraging, kind and upbuilding. Plus, you look terrific. I’ll look up the fashion blog and I’ll send you one my daughter recommended (too disorganised to have it to hand.) The blogs are good, Anne.

  2. Hi Anne, Sorry to hear you’ve been poorly! Hope you are on the mend now xxx
    Thank you for your kind words – they seriously make my day.

  3. Aaaaw . . . that is soooo sweet Becks . . . he loves you dearly too!

    He also says, “next year make sure the bloody card arrives on time!” LOL
    Haze xxxx

  4. ha ha fathers are wonderful people 🙂 Mine likes to tell me to talk slower and that he cannot understand what I am saying…I am still working on this one 🙂

    • DITTO! Oh my god…I think my Dad pretty much only gets half of what I’m saying due to my speed of speech. I think it’s like phoning one of the Gilmore Girls. 😀

  5. Dads Rock! This is a great tribute to your dad, and I LOVE picture!

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