Sunday Saviours #5

It’s Sunday lunchtime…my dear Lauren has head home after a particularly girlie evening, leaving me all on my lonesome till next Friday. I won’t lie, I’ve struggled without P knocking about this week, and these seriously helped.

Elephant in the Room

These are so cute….I feel a project coming on!

Stuffed Stuff

I found this blog by The H-less Wonder and her little cuddly friends, when I first joined, and loved EVERY post. I’m sure you’ll chuckle too!

BIG cookie

The amazing Jacquelyn from Lark+Linen posted up this recipe on Friday….it’s sooooo on my to cook list.

Posters for P

I still haven’t gotten out of posters….we have two up in our living room (A vintage Guinness one and a Mucha one)…they are unframed (I will get on that one day and get them in some frames!). As much as I say that these posters are for P….I may want the Metropolis one just as much as he.

More posters?

Ok….I’ll admit it…I have a problem….but look how AMAZING these are!

Great little Ideas

A website to help inspire and guide you on a few little projects.


2 responses to “Sunday Saviours #5

  1. thank you for the link! Did you make the big cookie? You seriously need to. Stop what you’re doing immediately and get to it!

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