Vintage Hand-Me-Downs

Sorry for the lack of Midweek Munchies this week. I’ve not really been at home due to being (bursts into song) ‘all by myself….’ and I’ve been fed this week by P’s brother and his fiance, and P’s mum. So I’ve cooked NOTHING at all since last Sunday. Lucky me!

I went and stayed with P’s mum last night, and got given some amazing books. It made me remember some other things that P’s Mum and my own mother have handed me down.

This bad boy is chock full of how-to knowledge that I will be putting into practice! The little girls in my life better expect dresses for presents!

P’s mum is training me up to share her allotment once we move closer! A few books like this have come my way recently!

These craft magazines contain some AMAZING things. From 1975! Uh-Maze-ING! I’ve photocopied the pages I want now, so these are going up on my eBay! Feel free to check them out!

My mother turfed these out of her kitchen cupboard, and donated them to us when we first moved in together, and now we’ve bought new crockery, and P is insisting I get rid of some things from our kitchen….:(

I’m so sad to see these beauties go. Again…they are on eBay


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