Sunday Saviours #6 (On a Monday!)

The hugest apologies for my lack of Sunday Saviours yesterday… I went away this weekend and was internetless and unprepared! It was absolutely great to get away and see friends and family, but now I’m back ( and in the sweltering heat, may I add!). I found a few treasure on the thrift scene this weekend, so I’ll post up about those later in the week!

There has really been only one thing that has kept me entertained over the past week, and that has to be this one video…..

Papa Pigeon meets the Royals

Frick yes. My dad, one of the Royal British Legion Riders, was invited up to Clarence House by Royal Appointment to meet the Prince of Wales. He also had a cheeky one on one chat with The Duchess of Cornwall, which entailed much more than was filmed! This story (told to me last week, with all the gory bits thrown in by my father) has kept me grinning all week.

He promised he wasn’t too embarrassing and that Prince Charles called him ‘Marvellous’, after chatting about the logistics of being in a wheelchair and being a biker with his own custom home-built trike.



3 responses to “Sunday Saviours #6 (On a Monday!)

  1. At least I managed to get him to have a haircut! LOL

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