Bought, Given & Salvaged.

I spent last weekend in my hometown of Salisbury, visiting some very good friends and my family. Whilst I was there I thought I ought to take in a little thrifting…..

I came home with 4 full bags on Sunday, having gone with only 1. Thankfully I hadn’t bought everything. Some was given and salvaged!

I love this sign as much as I love ‘The Wizard of Oz’…which is a lot. It was £3 from a little chain of shops called Forever England, which is a family business and I have to say that I love their products.

I thought it would look great above the door to our main living space…. what do you think?I must admit I couldn’t just buy one thing from Forever England…but everything together came to exactly £10.

I don’t know what it is about these ceramic chickens, but I just had to have them. They are plain on the other side, and I like the idea of alternating floral with plain.

After hitting up Forever England (I also came away with the cutest white & red striped milk jug – which I have forgotten to photograph), I head up and down my favourite thrifty street, on the hunt for bargains.

My first find was this book of Christmas Stories by Charles Dickens. I love old books – it’s a smell that reminds me of my childhood. The pictures in this book really make me happy. Good old-fashioned illustrations.

My second and favourite find is this GORGEOUS mirror. It needs a good old clean and tighten before I can put it in pride of place. For £10 – I think I got an amazing shiny thing!

I was also given a lot of goodies this weekend by a friend of Mama Pigeon, who was cleaning out her loft before moving house.

I may be slightly too old for Forever Friends, but I love this knitting bag. I feel a project coming on…..

This bag is gorgeous…I love the pattern. I’m not happy with the handles though, as I can’t put them over my shoulder or arm, so I may have a another project for the pile.

I got a ringbinder FULL of patterns for cross-stitch. There has to be over 75 patterns. I also got lots of aida and hoops…I’m set up for some serious needle action!

Also there were loads of books, giving great ideas of what to do with cross-stitch. I cannot wait to crack on some of the Christmas projects!

Check out all the yarn!

Finally, I managed to salvage this box from the back door of a shop. The hinges were broken, but I’m sure I can think of something to do with it!

So now I’ve lined up a week of fiddling and projects for myself! Hopefully I’ll get them all finished and in place in our flat before P gets home Thursday!

Any thrifty goodness come your way recently?


3 responses to “Bought, Given & Salvaged.

  1. I love your ceramic chickens! They have a cheeky Wodehouse cow creamer swagger. (Maybe that’s why they’re so wonderful?)

  2. 😀 I just have to find somewhere in our already cramped kitchen for them!

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