Thrifty Find: Mirror Mirror on the Wall….

As mentioned Tuesday, I bought the cutest mirror last weekend!

It needed a good old scrub down and a bit of TLC, so I rolled up my sleeves and cracked on.

Firstly I unscrewed the brackets holding the mirror in place, to leave me with the frame.

It was pretty grotty, covered in dust and grime from wherever it was before the thrift shop.

But the grime was no match for my old soft toothbrush and a solution of bicarbonate of soda and water. I managed to work it out of all the creases and crevices, and gave it a good old buff for good measure.

I cleaned the mirror with a vinegar & water solution, let it dry and then reattatched it to the frame.

I’m so pleased with the results. It’s now sitting in pride of place on my windowsill dressing table, making me feel like a french aristocrat every morning.


2 responses to “Thrifty Find: Mirror Mirror on the Wall….

  1. I like how in the second picture the back of the mirror looks like a little confused face haha =\

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