Trinkets & Treasures

No Midweek Munchies I’m afraid this week – we’ve been eating hand to mouth this week, trying to get back in the swing of work and togetherness, so I’ve nothing worth blogging about in the fridge department!

Something I did whilst P was away living it up in the US, was to clean and sort my jewellery (desperate times call for desperate measures I know).

I love having things on display. FACT.

If and when we buy a place I am totally having Shoeperwoman’s Wall O’ Shoes. P has as a wonderful and understanding other half, dutifully agreed.

I would love to rip out all the cupboards in my kitchen and have shelving for all my plates and mugs and knick knacks…but as we rent…I don’t think the landlord would be greatly pleased.

So something I can do…and that I do do (hehe), is display my jewellery.

I use an IKEA tie holder, which can be bought here.

The loops are a perfect size to loop necklaces or sunglasses over. The fabric is great to pin or clip corsages and badges to.  I can see what I have in an instant.

Although…I will say, my ever growing vintage bangle collection is currently housed in a blue plastic box….I need to get on this!

Since this piccie was taken, I’ve moved all my more genteel necklaces  (chains and lockets and the like) onto here as well.

Do you have any hints and tips for storing your bits and bobs?


2 responses to “Trinkets & Treasures

  1. i love your blog layout with the little bird cage! its so pretty and so different to most layouts! 🙂 xo

  2. Thank you Vicki! I’m not very tech-savvy so it took me quite while to work out how to make it happen!

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