Sunday Saviours #8

Today I am recovering from Wedding number 3…only 2 months rest before number 4!

Later in the week there will be some updates on the happy event, but first…let’s get on with saving Sundays.

Organising my Life

As you may have guessed with all these weddings going on, I need a filofax. This is my weapon of choice. I ordered it last week, as my old one is looking a bit grey and lifeless, and I needed one that works academically. I love Paperchase, just venturing inside the shop makes me jiggle inside.

Silver Cuff

I love this…putting it on my wish list that loves inside the kitchen cupboard door.

Soooo cute

I love these little guys. I need to find a pattern for them!

Top to Toe

I love love love things that go from floor to ceiling. Maybe it’s just a part of being a tall-ee. Having a book obsession means that this is pretty high on my want-list.


This is so beautiful. I need to buy some cute unders soon!



2 responses to “Sunday Saviours #8

  1. ‘Top to Toe’ . . . I wouldn’t get anything off the shelves, higher than the 4th one!

  2. I think I’d need a cool library ladder for the top ones!

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