The Sussex Village Wedding

We spent last Saturday at the gorgeous wedding of Mr & Mrs Ellery.

It took place in the very small village of Twineham in Sussex. We aren’t sure there was even a shop in the village, it was that cute!

I loved the fact that the bridemaids looked like woodland fairies.

The marriage vows took place in a beautiful Tudor church, a 2 minute hobble (my heels were horrendous and the roads not so smooth) from the new Mrs Ellery’s parents home, where the reception was held.

Thankfully the bride didn’t have to do the ungracious gallop in her heels! I only managed the ceremony before the flats came out of our glove box!

With champagne and canapes flowing, the weather held out all day, which we were not expecting!

I also met some of P’s friends that I hadn’t before, who were all totally lovely.

The food was gorgeous, involving Duck for mains, and Chocolate Mousse for the men, and a seriously delish Eton Mess for the ladies. This did incur some ‘big spoon, little spoon’ jokes.

Mr and Mrs Ellery had a live band at their wedding, so we heard no Rihanna or LMAFO, but instead Elvis, Aerosmith and some serious honky tonk tunes. I loved it. I loved having no idea what was playing, but all the guests were happily spinning, twirling and twisting away.

As you can imagine, with wine flowing, things became a little hazy and swirly. It was a fabulous day and evening.

Thankfully to soak up all the wine was cheese and fruit!

We slipped away around midnight. My feet aching, my hips still shimmying and music still blaring behind us.


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