Sunday Saviours #10

First and foremost, I’d to apologise for my absence this week! P has turned 26, I have finished work for the summer holidays,  and things have been a bit crazy here. Just a little run down of our week, so you know what to expect in up coming posts!

Tuesday – I was back to work after I spent the day hugging the toilet with food poisoning.

Wednesday – P turned 26, and we trogged off up to London to see ‘We Will Rock You’.

Thursday -Quiet at work, but I then began baking for P’s party on Saturday.

Friday – Half day at work – SCHOOL IS OUT! And MORE baking.

Saturday – EVEN MORE baking and cooking. Party at the Nest.

So hopefully I should have one or two good posts next week entailing some of our adventures! For now…. try these on for size.

Papa Said

Danielle over at Sometimes Sweet has been doing this feature for a few weeks now, and I love it. It’s so nice to hear dads dishing out some parenting tips and advice.


I adore these! 70’s funk.

Louboutin Love

My favourite Shoeperhero, Shoeperwoman, posted about the most gorgeous Louboutins on Friday….I have to dream….

Pigeon Love

The gorgeous Rachel and family over at Letters to Ames, needed a link today. JUST for her love of Pigeons. Check out her FAQ’s to see what I mean! 🙂

Insert Me & P

P has booked my birthday present- A TRIP TO DISNEYLAND PARIS!

I’m so excited. At 24, I’ve never been to ANY kind of Disney, so I’ve been browsing the magic! It’ll be in November (Hopefully the Christmas stuff will be up!), and some of our frineds are coming too! CANNOT WAIT!


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